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June 24, 2016

Pablo Larrazabal

Cologne, Germany

Q. Day one you said was an adventure; was it the same again today?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Not really. I hit it very solid from the tee. Today I thought to take less risk from the tee. I hit a lot of 3-woods, and I missed one fairway, but by a couple inches only today. 13 out of 14 fairways on this golf course, that means that you're hitting it from the tee very well.

So you know, different story from yesterday. Yesterday I was very pleased it was a magic 68. Today that double-bogey on 15, hitting from the fairway to try to putt my ball in two shots on the green, I made double-bogeys, very disappointing.

But 69, doesn't matter what golf course you are playing, it's always nice.

Q. Four birdies in pretty close contention on the back nine.
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: As I said, if you're hitting in the short grass from the tee, everything is a lot easier. Hitting the fairway and then the fairway, green, fairway, green, try to put myself in some chances to make some birdies; some dropped, some didn't. You know, didn't up-and-down on the ninth, that was probably the easiest up-and-down on the golf course.

But still, four shots off the lead, and ready to rock and roll over the weekend.

Q. I appreciate it's halfway for you, but not for the tournament yet, but you're in a nice position come what may, aren't you?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: The times I lead this tournament, I never won it. So in the times I was coming from behind, I was able to win once and go again to a playoff. Two years ago, I was leading by three, one round to go, and I finished eighth.

This year, I'm four back, 36 to go, so we'll see what happens.

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