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June 23, 2016

Ben Bentil

Brooklyn, New York

THE MODERATOR: Could you start with an opening statement about your game and what you'll bring to the Celtics.

BEN BENTIL: I'm a versatile player, hard-working player, a competitor, someone that's always going to compete every day and give it all his best. I'm a winner, and I'm a good teammate.

Q. You did not work out for the Celtics; is that correct?

Q. Any feeling of how the night went? Obviously you had high hopes probably to go even in the first round I would imagine?
BEN BENTIL: I mean, things just didn't go the right way or whatever, but God has a plan, and everybody in this draft needed opportunity. Whatever chance you get, first round or second round, you've just got to take advantage of the opportunity, and I'm glad I got one, so time to prove myself.

Q. How excited are you to stay in New England?
BEN BENTIL: I'm excited. It's home. New England is home for me. I still have Providence right next to me, so I can go back and forth. At the end of the day, I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

Q. You've talked about that, that you wanted a chance. That's pretty much what this is?
BEN BENTIL: Yeah, I just needed a chance.

Q. Now that you're going to have so many top-tier teammates and have so many people to learn from and play with, who are you looking forward to teaming with and learning from in this upcoming season?
BEN BENTIL: I mean, going to Boston, they're great players, great coaching staff, and I'm just going out there and doing what Coach asks me to do. Try to be a great teammate, try to make the team, and take advantage of the opportunity again.

Q. How fortunate do you feel that you're going to be playing for a contender when later in the draft sometimes you're not really sure where you're going to go and then you get an opportunity?
BEN BENTIL: I mean, once again, I'm excited and I thank the Boston Celtics organization for giving me a chance. But at the end of the day, I'll still go and show them what I've got and give it my best.

Q. Did your mom make it over?

Q. How special was that?
BEN BENTIL: Very special. You know, she didn't know -- she had no idea what was going on, but at the end of the day, just trying to make her proud.

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