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June 23, 2016

Pablo Larrazabal

Cologne, Germany

Q. What do you make of a 68 and 4-under to start?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: It was an adventure, 4-under. Yeah, I started very fast. I start with three birdies the first five holes, but then I played -- I didn't play good. I was always trying to fight for the par to make pars, and you know, I had a few chances for birdie but I made only one at the end, the last 13 holes.

But I played like four or five times from -- even more, from the long, long stuff, and I was saving par. So yeah, I shoot 68 and it feels in one part, it feels like a 76, and another part, it feels like a 58.

You know, after talking to you guys, I have to go to the range to sort some things out. To win this golf tournament, I have to putt the ball more times in the fairway; I have to change some things.

Q. I saw the photograph you sent out where you couldn't see your feet in the rough. It was that kind of situation out there, was it?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Yeah, I mean, I was lucky enough to miss the tee shots farther away from there. That rough is four or five metres from the fairway. I was missing the tee shots like 15 or 20. So you know, I wasn't in that kind of stuff. I was in the long stuff, but you can chip it out. You cannot do more than that, and do 70, 80 metres and try to put it in the fairway and try to save the par. Believe it or not, I didn't make one bogey, so I'm very, very happy.

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