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June 19, 2016

Shane Lowry

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Tough day today all around. At what point did the ruling that was potentially going to affect Dustin Johnson but also you, how did you deal with that internally in your mind?
SHANE LOWRY: That actually didn't affect me much at all. I just kind of -- you know, I really feel like I let it go today, and it's a great disappointment. The more I think about it, the more upset I'm getting. It's one of those that's going to be hard to take. It's going to be a tough few days. But I led by four shots in the tournament going into the final round. I had a lead with five holes to play.

I'm definitely good enough to win one of these. So I'll get back on the horse in a couple of weeks. Back to Firestone in a few weeks. Looking forward to defending there. And obviously, I've got The Open and the PGA in the next few weeks.

Just get back to good form and looking forward to the next few weeks where the conditions won't be quite as hard.

Q. One quick question. You said take a couple weeks off, just step away from the game now and kind of evaluate what happened today, or are you just going to go?
SHANE LOWRY: I wish I could. I play in Dublin tomorrow. I'm playing golf again tomorrow. But after that, I'm going to take a couple of days just to assess what happened.

At the end of the day, if you would have given a (indiscernible) I'd probably take it. Obviously, second position, I'm not happy.

But there's lots of positives to take from this week. It's the toughest test of golf, and this is a true test of golf, and I was right up there for 67 holes. The whole round really. So that's golf. You win some, you lose some.

Q. Your fans in Ireland and around the world wish you the best. Shane, it was ultimately disappointing for you. The question is is it possible to put into words just how you're feeling at the moment?
SHANE LOWRY: Not really. Obviously very disappointed. It's not easy to get yourself in a position I was in this morning. When I got myself there, I didn't finish the job off, which is really disappointing.

When I look back on this week, there will be a lot of positives to take from it, second place at the U.S. Open, my best ever finish in a major. Good World Ranking points this week.

Got more ahead for me now, and I feel like I'm hitting form at the right time. Hopefully, I can go back to Bridgestone and make a good show in my defense there. Then I've got obviously The Open and the PGA as well.

Q. When exactly were you aware of the --
SHANE LOWRY: We were told at the 12th. I didn't really know what was going on.

Q. Did that affect how you game planned?
SHANE LOWRY: It didn't really. I actually just lipped out for eagle. Made a great par save on the next, and really thought I was in the tournament. If anything, I was hoping he'd get the one-shot penalty. But that's the way it is. Obviously, he didn't need the extra shot in the end. Of course, it would have been interesting if we were tied at the same score.

Q. When did you see the tournament start to slip away from you? Was it 17?
SHANE LOWRY: 17 green, yeah. I thought, if I birdied 17, I'd give myself a chance at birdieing the last, and Dustin was 4 under in the last, and I was thinking, if he gets penalized a shot and whatever, I could, but I seen -- I was walking up onto the green, and (indiscernible) 250 yards right in the middle of the fairway.

Obviously, fair play for Dustin. He's been in my shoes a few times now. I'm happy for him. He's a great guy. Him and his brother Austin are two great fellas. He's definitely one of the top players. He's done really well. He deserved it. He played the best golf this week.

Q. Like you said, a lot of positives from the week, but when you look back on this week and you have a little distance between you and the action, what do you think you'll pick out as your highlight?
SHANE LOWRY: Just the way I played yesterday. I've never felt so comfortable on a golf course in my life. So whatever in the zone is, I was there. I needed to play well today, and it let me down at the end. The highlight of the week was playing 32 holes. (Inaudible) I made a few under par, which was nice. I was proud of myself, the way I played this week. It was great to come here and contend, to have my dad and my brother and one of my best friends here.

It's great to be in the position I was in today, and I hope I get myself in there quite a few times.

Q. And you realize that nobody in Ireland got a wink of sleep at all?
SHANE LOWRY: Oh, yeah, and bit of a bad weekend as far as the Irish. We were beat in football. I'll get back on my horse and get to Bridgestone in a couple of weeks and hopefully make a good go at it.

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