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June 18, 2016

Shane Lowry

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. You were talking the other day about feeling more comfortable playing in the big tournaments and playing over here in the States and stuff like that. Talk about your round and do you attribute it to just maybe having a comfort level?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, definitely. I said to my dad on the way in here, I definitely felt very comfortable out there.

I knew -- funny, I knew the putt I had on 7 was to take the lead on my own, which is, you know, it's nice. So I'm quite aware of what's going on around me. But yes, my game is good. Feel very comfortable out there.

Quite happy that we didn't have another four holes to play. It's been a long day. So looking forward to getting out there tomorrow. This is right where you want to be. Really looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. So you would rather be coming back early in the morning than having to stay out there?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I mean, I was getting kind of -- you know, I was getting tired toward the end. I wasn't hitting any bad shots or anything. I was making good decisions and I was hitting good shots. Yeah, I mean, if I had to play another four holes, it would have been quite difficult.

Happy we get to play on fresh greens. The greens are a little bit bumpy the last couple of holes. And now some fresh greens in the morning and hopefully I can go out and just make a few pars and do what I've been doing all week. I've just been trying to make a few pars and see where that's going to leave me.

Q. How much does the Akron win last year help what you're able to do out here this week?
SHANE LOWRY: It obviously means a lot, because I beat a field of this quality already. So there's no reason I can't go out and do it again tomorrow.

Q. Jason was just here saying he watches the score board and he was kind of watching, trying to catch you guys. Did you pay attention during a round?
SHANE LOWRY: I do, yeah.

Q. You look up and see your name atop the leaderboard of a U.S. Open and kind of --
SHANE LOWRY: I said to my caddie, I said [indiscernible]. He was trying to talk me down off my pedestal. And then I went ahead and bogeyed the next hole. Not too many bad shots. But, I mean, I've always -- I'm not shy in saying that I watch the leaderboards and I like to know where I stand.

It's up to me, then, to go and hit the good shots.

Q. Do you really like this course?
SHANE LOWRY: Obviously, yeah.

Q. I mean, do you like it more than (no microphone)?
SHANE LOWRY: I'll answer yours first. I do really like the place. When I got here Sunday, thought how am I going to get around here. Tried to come up with a game plan at the start of the week. Just tried to feel comfortable around the place.

I've been doing quite well so far with my game plan. If I stick with that tomorrow, God knows where I'll be tomorrow.

Q. Jason was talking about how well you're playing golf. He said it's going to be tough. You're going to be the guy everybody's chasing tomorrow, going into the final round. We haven't finished the third round yet. Right now, you're the guy everybody's chasing. How does it feel to be that guy in a major?
SHANE LOWRY: It's cool. I've never been here before, so it's obviously new. Literally just came off the golf course. So looking forward to getting home and getting my dinner. Hopefully, getting a good night's sleep.

We have a very early start in the morning. We're back in position at 7:00. Hopefully, I can go out and finish off my round and should have a few hours' break, then, before I play my final round.

Q. You seem to be thinking very clearly. When is the last time you were thinking as clearly, playing as well, feeling as relaxed as you are?
SHANE LOWRY: Quite a while ago now. It was probably around this time last year, look at the week I had at the U.S. Open last year, I'm in a good frame of mind.

Q. How long has it been since (no microphone)?
SHANE LOWRY: Quite a while. I'm not going to say how much, because I don't want to jinx myself for tomorrow, but it's been -- I haven't feel as comfortable on the greens in quite a while.

So they are perfect greens. They are quick, but they're absolutely perfect greens. No excuses around here.

Q. It's hot and dry tomorrow which makes it tougher. If it's hot and dry, doesn't it make the guy in the lead tougher to catch.
SHANE LOWRY: We all know that this course can jump up and bite you in a split second. So yeah, I'm two ahead with 22 holes left. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. These are the best golfers in the world behind me, Dustin and Jason. Sergio played lovely today. Like I said, I have to go out and do what I've been doing all week. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

This is exactly where you want to be. I've been beating myself up over the last six months trying to get in this position. I'm here now. I might as well enjoy it while I'm here.

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