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September 8, 1993

Helena Sukova


Q. What happened at the end of the second set? You seemed pretty much in control. Did she pick up her game? Did you get a little nervous there?

HELENA SUKOVA: I just played a very bad game when I was serving for it, 5-4 -- or at 6-5, then the tiebreak I didn't play well. I didn't put enough pressure on her. I was missing easy shots, and I lost at that end of the second set completely. I was lucky I was able to come back the beginning of the third set.

Q. You haven't been in a semifinal here since 86. How does it feel?

HELENA SUKOVA: I am very happy; even though it is very late. I am very happy because it has been a long time since I am in the semis in a Grand Slam tournament. I am a little bit tired, but I will think about that tomorrow morning. I will leave it to that.

Q. What were you doing during your eight hour wait?

HELENA SUKOVA: Eating and waiting, and eating and waiting and then warming up, getting ready and then it started to rain again. So we went back in. It was a tough whole day because you have to be ready the whole time; the whole day, because when it stops raining, they have the court dry in 20 minutes, so you have to be ready the whole day to play because you know you can be out there in the next half hour.

Q. Do you think it is fair for the players?

HELENA SUKOVA: Well, what can you do when you have a rain like that? There is not much you can do and when you want to stick to the schedule, it is what you try to did, just hope for the best.

Q. It was very different game compared to previous one with Martina, because Katerina plays differently. Can you tell us something about her tactics for her game?

HELENA SUKOVA: Well, the tactics was a little bit different because, as you said Katerina didn't come in and we know each other's games very well. We've played many matches and some close ones; some difficult ones and I knew it was going to be very difficult match because she is a tough player to beat and I am happy I have been able to do that. The tactics was the stuff I was trying to use the whole match. So basically I think I have done that, so and it worked.

Q. Thank you.

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