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June 18, 2016

Kyrie Irving

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. Obviously you were injured early in last year's NBA Finals, so how satisfying has it been for you to be able to play this NBA Finals at a high level? And what is your expectations for Game 7?
KYRIE IRVING: I'm happy to be here, not necessarily satisfied with the result as of yet. But it's great to be in this moment and actually playing for a championship. So I'm just really thankful for the team that I've had with my medical staff, a lot of the guys that I've worked out with, which I'm very thankful for.

Then the expectations for Game 7, I don't know necessarily what to expect, but I'll control the things I can control and prepare as best as I can and go from there. But I know that it will be very exciting to be out there especially playing Game 7 on the road in a building like this, thinking about the position that we're in and what can be accomplished for either team.

But win or lose, this is the last game of the NBA season and there is nothing else to hold back at this point. It's been that way for the last two games since we entered into The Finals, but now it's very real. This is the last game of the NBA season, and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Q. Kyrie, how is your foot?
KYRIE IRVING: It's good.

Q. Any lingering pain or anything like that?
KYRIE IRVING: No, I watched the play again, and I kind of made contact with Festus' foot, and it just was really bothering me towards the end of the game. But I'm good now, though. I'll have a day or two in between, so I'm fine.

Q. What you're wearing, is that like a mini backpack, or what is that?
KYRIE IRVING: It's a SubPac. You guys are be hearing about it very soon.

Q. It was a rally nice, natural moment after Game 6 where you said of tomorrow night that it's going to be the hardest thing that you as a team have ever done. Have you convinced yourselves now that you guys are up for the challenge, and how do you do that?
KYRIE IRVING: We're definitely up for the challenge. I mean, we're here. So we kind of have no choice. As a competitor, this is what you want to be a part of. I've been very repetitive in saying that, but this is everything that we've all dreamed of. Being in the position that we were down 3-1, and now tying it up and having a chance to play against a great team in Game 7 and for the whole world to be watching, I'm very excited for it, but understanding that we will be tested, both teams, offensively and defensively. It's about matchups and just leaving it all out there on the floor.

Q. With your time in Cleveland, you're very familiar with the people there and the emotions they're going through and the 52 years. What do you think it's going to be like there tomorrow and the nerves? Also, what could it mean to you to finally get rid of that for them?
KYRIE IRVING: To be honest, I'm not -- I love our fans. I know that they're diehard in terms of the years and the amount of time that's gone by for us not, Cleveland, delivering a championship.

But at the end of the day I have to worry about my teammates, and we actually have to go out there and leave it all out there. That's what I'm really focused on. And I put it in perspective if we execute our game plan, stick to what we know in terms of just playing for one another and trusting one another, offensively and defensively we take care of each other and possession by possession, we don't make a lot of mistakes, I think we'll be in a great position.

Then after the game, we can worry about the rest of that stuff. History will be made either way, regardless of both teams, win or lose. But we're just really focused on what we can control, and tomorrow's game is just living in the moment.

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