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June 18, 2016

Shane Lowry

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Great round of golf for you to get off to two quick bogeys and bring it back to under par. Tell me what happened on the 16th when you self assessed a stroke.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I hit a nice 6 iron into the right-hand side of the green and had a straightforward two putt from 30 feet up the hill. I addressed the ball, and the ball moved back. I had to penalize myself. It's very frustrating in a tournament like that.

I actually holed a great eight-footer for a bogey on that hole. I think, if I would have missed that, it would have been difficult to get back from there. That kind of kept me going, and from there on, I just played good golf. In fact, I played good golf all day, didn't hit it in trouble very much. Hit plenty of fairways, plenty of greens, and that's what you need to do out here.

Q. Shane, when something like that happens, it takes a lot to get back into kind of the frame of mind of scoring again. For you, was that a sign that you're a mature player?
SHANE LOWRY: Yes, I was -- I was a bit -- if anything, I was a bit immature with how quickly I hit the putt after that, and I hit an awful putt, eight feet right at the hole. But to hole that second putt was massive for me and massive for my whole day. Because I miss that, and all of a sudden I'm over par for the tournament.

When you get over par, you start to think, where can I pick up a birdie? And you might start forcing it. So that was big for me. I'm very happy the way I played. Plenty of fairways, plenty of greens. Four bogeys in two rounds around here is pretty good. Happy with the way I've been playing. I'm looking forward to getting out there this evening. I'm sure it's going to be quite tough. We'll see how it goes.

Q. Just that birdie you made on the 13th hole, it was a long time to wait for it. A little low punch at the end. You really, really wanted it?
SHANE LOWRY: I hit a great wedge shot in there. I really felt like I needed it. It was a straightforward putt, kind of ten feet up the hill, right to left, just on the right edge. Lovely putt, went in.

Managed to hit a great shot into the 6th hole, my 15th. Made another birdie there, which is lovely. And that par save on the last is -- that's where tournaments are won and lost. You get one back. I'm happy with that.

Q. Just the euphoria of your first round, a 68, you were so happy bouncing on that green. In every way, this 70 is every bit as good in these conditions.
SHANE LOWRY: It's as good, if not better. It was very tough today. Like you said, I'm very happy with the way I hit the ball. My putter feels good in my hands as well. I'm happy with the way my game is going into this afternoon.

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