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April 29, 2001

Brett Quigley


NELSON LUIS: Obviously two great weeks for you here on the BUY.COM Tour and today, obviously must be pretty psyched about that.

BRETT QUIGLEY: Pretty unbelievable really. Just shows what you confidence will do, anybody out here can play well and if you really believe it. And I really starting to believe it the last two days.

NELSON LUIS: Questions.

Q. When did you start thinking in your mind that you are getting the attention and could you win this thing possibly?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Geez, first probably on Friday, Friday afternoon I just got a little ahead of myself. I had a short putt to go 8-under on Friday in the afternoon and missed it. Made a couple of bogeys. But was pretty determined not to let that bother me and knew if I played well on the weekend I thought I had a chance to be in contention and turned out it did.

Q. What does this do for -- obviously entered into New Orleans next week. What does this do for your future in terms of your status out here the rest of the year and where you are going to play?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Well, it definitely confuses me. As far as my status out here it does absolutely nothing gets me an atta boy (that a boy). Gets me to New Orleans. That is it. My category, the 126 to 150 doesn't ever reshuffle and I am behind the Qualifying School all year, so really only thing that would have made a difference was me winning. Obviously it's a good jump on getting my card next year for the money, who knows what it is going to be. I don't even know what I made today, but certainly it was probably a pretty good chunk of change.

Q. Got to figure about 308,000?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Not 310, you are sure? (Laughs).

Q. What about the confidence now? You have been around good golf all your life. What about your confidence level right now?

BRETT QUIGLEY: It is funny, Dana and my dad have been telling me for a couple of years now that I have the game to play well out here and I think I always believed in the back of my mind, I just never -- I never believed it when I was on the golf course. I never behaved like that. I was always trying too hard with too much expectations and last week I finally decided I was not going to do that anymore. I was just going to play golf like I was playing with some buddies of mine and have a good time with it and just play. I know I can play. I know I can do it. Just get rid of the expectations, get rid of my ego and just go play.

Q. Did you feel your round coming on or did something happen during the course of the round that really said oops, my God?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Probably both. I started off pretty shaky, made a couple good pars first four holes, then I missed a 6-footer on 5 and missed about a 6-footer on 6. And missed a good chance on 8 and good chance on 9 and kind of felt like you know, there are two ways to look at it, I said, oh, this is it, I have kind of blown it or I said, forget about it, I am playing well, I am going to have some chances coming in and hit it close on 10 about two feet, made birdie. Then made eagle on 3. I made the sand wedge and said, oh-oh, here we go. Kind of back in it. So that right there just it teaches me so much about patience because three holes can make such a difference out here if you allow yourself to be in the right mind frame.

Q. How about 13?

BRETT QUIGLEY: 13 I was kind of in between two clubs on the tee shot. I didn't lay-it-up in a good spot. But I hit a good second shot down there perfect. When I hit the shot I said to my caddie, I said, that is as good as I can do. It is so lucky that the ball goes in and but it was pretty incredible. I had goose bumps in the back of my neck, my hair was standing up, my arms. The place went nuts. It was an amazing scene.

Q. How far was that shot?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Distance was 92 yards.

Q. What did you hit?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Sand wedge. We never saw it go in. The place just erupted. It was awesome.

Q. You had a couple of good chances on 17 and 18. Did you think you made either one of those putts?

BRETT QUIGLEY: 17 I thought I made. 18 I just pulled. I wasn't really sure about the line there because the ball was just in the fringe. I had a good chance. I thought I hit a pretty good shot on 16 and came up short. I am certainly happy the way I performed coming down the stretch.

Q. If there is a PGA TOUR event down the stretch there where one of the first two or three alternates, will you go there on Monday and wait?

BRETT QUIGLEY: If Monday I am first three, definitely. The alternates you never know. Some weeks three guys withdraw, some weeks like Houston, I think they had 17 withdrawals. I was so close to going to Houston instead of playing that BUY.COM two weeks ago and it turns out if I had gone to Houston I would have gotten in. So I don't know. Now I am really confused in where I should go.

Q. But you are happy to be confused?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Yes, definitely.

Q. Your caddie was saying that you have quit looking at the leaderboard. Is that something that you have done?

BRETT QUIGLEY: I have done the last two weeks, you know Rotella talks about that and I think Duval works on that, and it is just -- it has always been really hard for me because I love to look at the boards, I love to see what everybody is doing, but it just distracts from my game. I guess I improved that the last two weeks because I really haven't looked at a board at all and done pretty well the last two weeks.

Q. When you -- have you ever talked to anybody or heard anybody talk about who has been in this situation that you described your confusion of not knowing?

BRETT QUIGLEY: No, I think I am in uncharted territory.

Q. Do you ever think about how much money you need to get your card on either Tour?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Before last week I wouldn't know what to guess in either Tour but now a win everyone says it is 200,000 on the buy.com. Out here this week everyone is saying it's going to be 500,000 on the tour this year. Who knows, I can't look in that crystal ball and guess, I wouldn't even know what to guess.

Q. Are you going to play New Orleans or stay and play BUY.COM?

BRETT QUIGLEY: I don't know. I am going to try to decide the next half an hour. I probably should go play New Orleans. I am playing well. It's a pretty good course for me. It is a tough golf course. It is only good thing-well not only good thing, but the BUY.COM is here three more weeks, they are in Raleigh, Virginia Beach and Richmond, they are close too. And it is -- I don't know. I don't know what to do.

Q. Would you drive down to New Orleans if you were to go?

BRETT QUIGLEY: No, not a chance.

Q. Scott Hoch a hard guy to chase?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, I mean, we got close and he just put it away. And certainly he has been there a lot. You look at his career, I mean, 150 Top-10s or something. The guy is not going to back down. I think he proved it today.

Q. What happened on the 18th tee?

BRETT QUIGLEY: We never saw him. I asked the hole marshal if it's okay to go; he said, yeah, give it a whack. I crushed it and you see the flag waving I said oh-oh. (Laughter).

Q. Have you ever done that before (inaudible)

? BRETT QUIGLEY: Definitely not on Tour, in my life probably. Well, I would't say not intentionally (laughs).

Q. Do you know what number alternate you were this week?

BRETT QUIGLEY: For New Orleans I was 25th alternate as of Saturday morning. So really didn't have a good chance of getting in.

Q. What happened that you decided to make the attitude change? Was there a specific event or you sat down and had a talk with yourself? When was it?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Probably watching Augusta, watching Tiger, watching Duval play. Those guys play so focused, and I think that is -- I think it's easy to get frustrated in golf, you can see those guys stay pretty darn focused the whole round and try not to let too much bother them and obviously they are two of the best players in the world. It's a pretty good example to follow.

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