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June 17, 2016

Russell Knox

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Just give me your thoughts on a good start there at the U.S. Open.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I'm thrilled about it. Made an awesome par there on the last hole after driving the fairway bunker. So that was a super way to finish. I mean, you never want to shoot over par when you have a chance to shoot even. So I made a great little putt there to shoot even.

I'm thrilled with that. I played pretty good. Yeah, I played smart, hit a lot of good shots, shaved the edge of the hole on a lot of putts. So I feel really good about it.

Q. Talk about how much it changed from the practice rounds through yesterday and then even this morning.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, it was like concrete in the practice rounds. It was survival. I mean, if you made a par, it was like a birdie. Then obviously now it's very soft.

It doesn't -- it makes it easier off the tee being soft, but also it makes the holes 20, 30 yards longer. And then the greens, yes, they're softer. You can go at the pin, but now you're worrying about spinning it rather than when they were firm. So it is easier, but it's not necessarily that much easier because there's harder things about it too.

Q. And coming this morning, I mean, they obviously didn't let any fans in until 8:30 at the end. What was the atmosphere, it must have been a bit strange there for a while?
RUSSELL KNOX: It was kind of weird. When you haven't finished your round, it's always kind of a weird, nervy feeling anyway. With no one being there, you can't tell if you hit a good shot because of the lack of applause.

Yeah, my parents were in the line waiting to get in. I don't think they were able to watch. So that was a bit of a bummer.

Q. Really? They just couldn't --
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah. I don't know if they left because I was only going to play five holes. I think after they waited for a while, I'm not sure if they came in or not.

Q. Were they here yesterday?

Q. Staying for the four days?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yes, they'll be here.

Q. So talk about this course in terms of for you, how does it suit for you?
RUSSELL KNOX: It's great for me. I'm just trying to stay one foot in front of the other because I know I'm swinging well. I know I'm putting great. I know you've got to get it in the fairway. That's my biggest strength. So I'm licking my chops.

Q. With a win in China and you've been playing well since then, how much more comfortable are you sort of on that leaderboard in a U.S. Open than you were maybe this time last year?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, very comfortable. About as comfortable as I'm going to be. I used to be star struck, but that's over now. So it's like -- I mean, I believe in my ability now, that I should be up there. That's the way I look at it.

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