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June 16, 2016

Tyronn Lue

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Six

Q. Of course with the offensive explosion from LeBron and Kyrie, hopefully that happens for you again, but it might not. How can you maybe get Kevin Love more involved in the offense and kind of become their third offensive piece that you guys need?
TYRONN LUE: Just when they're switching to post Kevin when they have Steph and Klay and smaller guys on him, let him take advantage of those guys on the post. And then Kyrie and LeBron are driving the basketball and help, Kevin's going to be there to knock down his open shots.

Q. J.R. Smith's had one 20-point game in each of the rounds you've played so far. His 20-point game in The Finals came in Game 3, and it seemed that he was able to feed off the crowd to some extent. Is that something that can get him going, just the home court, or how can you guys activate J.R.?
TYRONN LUE: I thought he was good in Game 5. I thought he came out and had 10 points in the first quarter and really set a tone for us offensively of driving the basketball, taking what the defense gave him. We're at home and we're playing fast and we're pushing the basketball and playing up-tempo. That's when J.R. benefits, is in transition.

Q. Kyrie's really good at snaking the pick-and-roll, maybe one of the best players in the NBA at doing that. It takes a really aggressive player to do that on the pick-and-roll. I'm curious if making him a scorer and deciding that he was going to be kind of the aggressive guy in your offense, if that's what you took into concern because of the fear if he played more tentative looking for other people first as opposed to looking for his score, it might inhibit his ability to do that in the pick-and-roll?
TYRONN LUE: So what's the question?

Q. I was asking whether you chose to make him the aggressor or tell him to be aggressive or not think about other people if that was because you thought it might inhibit his skill?
TYRONN LUE: Well, all year I've been telling Kyrie just to be aggressive. And I think when he's being aggressive and looking to score the basketball, that opens up his passing. In this series with the way they switch one through five, he's one of the guys that can take his man off the dribble and score at any time.

So we definitely want him to be aggressive. We want him scoring the basketball, and when they collapse, then make the right play, which he's been doing.

Q. We were talking to LeBron yesterday about his numbers in closeout games, and I don't think we asked you. Do you see anything different with him when he's been calling it do or die here for the last week, but it really is do or die when you've got three losses on you. Have you noticed anything different in him in elimination settings? Because his career numbers are off the charts.
TYRONN LUE: I wish that every game was an elimination game, but just approach it the same way every single night. Not Game 1 or Game 7, but every night when you're in the Playoffs it's very important. When you don't want to go home and your back's against the wall, he seems to perform better. So we're going to need it again tonight.

Q. I wondered, I know you're the team facing elimination and it's Game 6, but do you get a feel for what this game, this day might mean to the city?
TYRONN LUE: Well, just going out and trying to win for the city and the state of Ohio. We know it's a very special time and trying to bring a championship home. So today, I don't know if it marks the same day -- was that Game 6 last year also? Yeah, when they had a chance to celebrate in our locker room, and that left a bitter taste in our mouth. So we've got to come out tonight and be very prepared and ready to fight and play like we've been playing in Games 3 and 5.

Q. Just wanted to ask about Draymond Green's return, how that changes things for you and what do you expect to see there?
TYRONN LUE: Just have to play the same way. Whether he's on the floor or not, we have to be able to attack the basket. We've got to be bringing physicality defensively. We know he's a great passer offensively, but his main staple is defensively. I think he's the best guy in the league, I've always said, of knowing when to help, when to get back, triple-switch, getting guys out of mismatches. He's able to switch, guard one through the five. So on the defensive end he is a load.

So we've just got to be aggressive, attack him early and often and live with the results.

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