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June 16, 2016

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. You played 12 holes at Oakmont on Thursday. How much did this golf course change from the first three days to what you saw here in the first round?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Massively. Yeah, the ball is spinning back a lot. The first few days you're looking for it to spin. Completely different golf course. The ball was (indiscernible) the greens, but it's still a really good test. You've got to hit a really good shot. Every shot is different. There's no bail-out.

Q. What are the adjustments when you come out and see a golf course that's completely different than what you prepared for?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Nothing really. Just stick to the same game plan. You don't play any more aggressive. It can still bite you if you miss the green or hit a bad shot. I just think you pitch your numbers (inaudible). Rather than pitching it 12 yards short or 10 yards short, you're pitching it (inaudible).

Q. What were you guys told during the delays, and how surprised were you that you didn't have a chance to warm up after the first one?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Well, me personally, I didn't obviously (inaudible), but I didn't really care. I think me being 21 might have something to do with that. I think a lot of people were saying that. Where we were at for the first delay, we were very well-informed. We had the rules committee around, and they were always putting me in contact with the right people.

The second delay was a little bit slower, and then today I understand it was very difficult to get the message out. Probably a little bit of a delay in getting the message that play was suspended for the day. A few players were getting texts and some aren't. I understand it's very difficult with so many people.

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