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June 15, 2016

Naomi Broady

Birmingham, England


4-6, 6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Naomi Broady, please.

Q. How do you assess that?
NAOMI BROADY: Obviously, disappointed. I seem to have a tendency to lose here in three sets. It happens quite often. Last time I went on to win my round at Wimbledon, so hopefully that's my good omen. That's the positive energy I'm going to take from the day.

Q. Seemed like a lot of very, very tight points out there. Seemed like quite a marginal match.
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, it was obviously pretty tough to move today. Still slightly raining a little bit. The court is generally dry, but especially around the edges and closer to the net, it's pretty wet.

I'm not the most agile of players anyway, so when it gets a bit wet, just really struggled with moving today. Even when I approached and moved to the net, I just could move two steps to either side of me. Then I lost trust in moving.

Yeah, it just makes it much tougher. Especially being a tall player like myself, movement and getting into the right position is a big part of my game.

Q. How do you feel about your form at the moment going into Wimbledon?
NAOMI BROADY: Well, the past month or so, I've not won that many matches. I've lost quite a few close three-set matches. But I'm taking confidence from them. Most of the girls I'm playing are a higher rank than me. Not really used to playing this level week in and week out either.

We knew I wouldn't be playing the same amount of matches every week, because I was doing it at the ITF level, because it's much tougher. So I'm still adjusting to that.

I think it's positive that I am managing to go to three sets a lot most of the weeks. Yeah, serve is getting better again now. Getting used to grass. Hopefully get some matches in Eastbourne and be ready for Wimbledon.

Q. Obviously from a ranking standpoint, you've had a very good 2016. What would be a realistic target for you at Wimbledon?
NAOMI BROADY: Last year, I put a lot pressure on myself. Beating Babos the previous year, I really wanted to go there and win a round. So when I lost, I was absolutely gutted.

So I don't know. I'm just trying to go into it match by match, just take it point by point. Andrew and I say each week to try and get two matches under our belt each week, but that was back in the ITF. Now I'm playing at a really high level. This is such a strong tournament. It is really tough.

So, yeah, a lot will depend on my opponent. If I play Serena I maybe won't have as high of expectations as if I play the girl who was last in. We'll see on the draw.

Q. Is this the first time it's taken you three days to finish a match?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, I think it has.

Q. Even at the ITF level?
NAOMI BROADY: As far as I'm aware. But it's the same for everyone. Everyone sat around waiting and wanting to get on. I was actually glad we were scheduled first today. Normally if you don't finish your match you get scheduled second the next day. So I was glad we were scheduled first today, to get on and get the match going.

It is tough because you're not picking up any of her rhythm. You're off and on. And the conditions are slightly different each day. If it's a bit colder, the courts will play slightly slower.

It is tough, but it is the same for everyone. You just have to try get on with it.

Q. What have you been doing to keep yourself amused during the many, many rain breaks?
NAOMI BROADY: I've been matching Love Island it's my guilty Pleasure.

Q. I can't even match that.
NAOMI BROADY: Everyone is reading a book or doing something intellectual. I just watch Love Island.

Q. Best answer ever.
NAOMI BROADY: Most Intellectual answer ever.

Q. Why is that your guilty pleasure?
NAOMI BROADY: I think it's the new version of Big Brother, isn't it?

Q. I'm too busy working interviewing players on the tour?
NAOMI BROADY: There you go. You have to catch up. I've been catching up on the app so you'll have to have a look. It's quite good. It is a very guilty pleasure though.

Q. Is it like Big Brother on the beach or something?
NAOMI BROADY: Basically.

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