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June 15, 2016

J.R. Smith

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. What do you expect to change now that Bogut's out as far as like lineups and matchups?
J.R. SMITH: They'll probably go smaller earlier in the game. That's probably about it. They'll still set screens with the other two bigs they have. They get good shots coming off those screens. We've just got to do a better job of blocking the trailer and stay locked in.

Q. When you ran into Bogut, did it feel like a real collision on your end?
J.R. SMITH: On my end, no. It felt kind of slow. So I mean, I pretty much had time to brace myself and whatnot. I was just trying to make sure nobody trampled over top of me more than anything. I didn't even realize that he was down until he turned around and just kept trying to play fast and score.

Q. What are some of the lessons you learned from last year playing against a small-ball team against the Warriors?
J.R. SMITH: You've got to be the first one to the 50-50 balls if you're going to play small. We did a better job of that last game. But it's got to be a focus for us. Offensive rebounds, limited second-chance points.

Q. Do you think Draymond will give the Warriors kind of a boost that they need on the road coming back?
J.R. SMITH: Statistics say he's a better player or they're a better team when he's on the court, so I would expect it to, yeah.

Q. A little sidebar question: You guys wore the black alternate jerseys last time. Why did you decide that and do you think it made a difference?
J.R. SMITH: Well, I didn't have a say in it, so I don't really know. If that's what it is, I'll wear it all summer long to get the championship.

Q. Kevin Love struggled a little bit on court. Have you guys talked to him about this at all?
J.R. SMITH: No, Kevin will be fine. It's just one game, and fortunately we came out with the W. I mean, we talk about it all the time. When the Heat won their back-to-back championships, the second championship Chris Bosh had zero points and nobody said nothing. So I don't see why it's a big deal with Kev if he goes out there and has two.

Q. Kyrie coming off of that game, what has his play meant to the success in terms of the last game and him being on?
J.R. SMITH: It means a lot. He gets us going. He makes all the tough shots and right after they score he keeps pushing the ball, staying aggressive. So him and Bron are probably just as equal right now.

Q. I presume you don't expect them to score 80 again though, do you? Wouldn't you want a more balanced attack?
J.R. SMITH: If we keep them to 80, that would be great.

Q. I'm talking about LeBron and Kyrie.
J.R. SMITH: Oh, I mean, I expect them to. They did it once, I'm expecting them to do it again and again. Whatever it takes. I don't care if they've got to score a hundred.

Q. Does it inspire you to see two aggressive scorers on the team and knowing you're capable of doing that, too?
J.R. SMITH: I love seeing it. It just makes my job that much easier because they're so locked in on them that by the time I get the ball it's either an open shot or a drive. I mean, I love it. I hope they keep it up.

Q. The way you were able to drive to the basket, especially in the first half, (inaudible) how did you see that impact the game?
J.R. SMITH: I just try to be aggressive. Not only at the three-point line, but when they close out, they close out hard and fast. I've just got to make the best adjustment, whether it's shooting the three or driving in and getting a lay-up or kicking it to somebody else. If they're just going to keep closing out to me like that, then I've just got to keep making the right decisions.

Q. Did you see that more in that game? Because it seems like maybe more than other games in The Finals. Just maybe more available?
J.R. SMITH: No, I think I just paid attention to it more. RJ's been talking to me a lot at practices and stuff and telling me how they guard me. So I just took heed of it and trying to do what I can.

Q. With Bogut, did you realize how much you had injured him?
J.R. SMITH: I injured him? So it's my fault?

Q. No, I was saying what was your take on that?
J.R. SMITH: I was trying to go up, he blocked my shot. I fell slow to the ground and he went down. It's a basketball play. It's not like I'm out there trying to take his legs out.

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