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June 14, 2016

Fernando Verdasco

London, England

F. VERDASCO/S. Wawrinka

6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Must be difficult to keep your concentration with delays in the weather? I guess you're used to it?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Yeah, I mean, unfortunately here in England this happen almost every year. So, you know, you already have it in your mind that it's some possibility.

So you just try to, you know, when the match is going well, to try to be in the same way and doing the same, knowing that he's going to maybe change something. And when the match is not going well for you, you always try to do something different.

So that's a little bit what happens, no, when a match gets stopped because of the weather. Today I was just trying to keep doing what I was doing the first set and part of the second, and also expecting change in some part of his game, trying something different and be very focused on that.

Q. What do you think you did well today?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Well, I mean, in general I served well. I did some couple double faults, but because also I was trying to not make easy second serves. In some games, first game of the match, 3-1, also, first set, I made two games unbelievable in the return, even better the first game of the match.

You know, in general, I felt very good with all my game. Also saving the break points that I had.

So, you know, happy in general of everything to be the first match of the season in grass and just being able to practice a couple of days here. Also because it was raining the past days, you know, yesterday I needed to practice on indoor, indoor hard, so it was not easy to get adapted, but, you know, for all that, in general, like I said, I think that I played a pretty good match and I'm very happy of the way I played.

Hopefully I will keep even getting better and more adapted to the grass and play better every match every day.

Q. How much confidence has the win given you?
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Well, always playing and winning against a top player is always great for the confidence, for yourself, makes yourself happy and proud of the effort of the game, and I'm very happy and trying to enjoy as much as I can this victory.

Then after tonight start thinking about the next one, because here every match is very difficult. Doesn't matter if it's seeded 1, seeded 2 or not even seeded or a qualifier. Doesn't matter.

Every match, a top 500 event, if you see the draw, almost every match is so difficult that, like I said, every match is like a final here.

So you just have to give your best, try your best, and hopefully be lucky with the game and of course give everything to try to win.

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