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June 13, 2016

Stephen Curry

Klay Thompson

Oakland, California: Game Five

Cavaliers 112, Warriors 97

Q. For a while there you were really trading baskets, I guess, with Kyrie and LeBron. How did that feel at that time, and were you frustrated at all not being able to find your shot as much as they were late in the game?
KLAY THOMPSON: Obviously it feels good when your shot goes in. In the second half there were times I should have -- settled for too many bad shots. Obviously, it's frustrating. You know, you want to win here more than anything for your fans. They deserve to see us win, but you just suck it up and move on. We're still -- like Coach said after the game, take stock. We're still in a great position. And obviously it stings real bad, but we'll come back stronger.

Q. Obviously both of you guys have had nights where you're hot just the same way that Kyrie and LeBron were. From that experience, when it's happening to you, what do you think is the best way to try to control it or contain it, or is it just something where it's their night and live to fight another day?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, you tip your hat to them. They had a great night, made some tough shots, made some open shots that we had miscommunication on. They did what they needed to do to help their team get a win.

So over the course of this series we've done a pretty good job of containing them and trying to force them into tough spots on the floor. Tonight they kind of overcame that. Like Klay said, we like our chances going forward and continuing to just try to be us, the best we can, and get one more win.

Q. In the first half when you get into that Klay-station mode where you're hitting everything, and then you go into halftime and third quarter, are there thoughts in your head that you say let me play the odds and go to the bucket more and take more higher percentage shots, or do you think let me try to maintain and see if I'm still in this heat check mode?
KLAY THOMPSON: Just take what the defense gives you and what the offense is giving you as well. I mean, you try not to force anything up, be a decoy as well and just cut off the ball. Get in the paint and make a play for your teammate, but obviously stay very aggressive. But you don't want to force up bad shots, and there's three or four shots now that I wish I could get back at pivotal times.

So just stay aggressive coming out the gate and try to get an easy bucket to start the second half.

Q. For both of you, miscommunication seemed to be a theme for this game, and Shaun said that Draymond factors into that miscommunication. What does he do on defense as part of the overall communication?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, he's usually pretty, obviously, vocal. He's our centerfielder in the back when he's able to see the whole floor. Tonight it was obviously different rotations and we tried to adjust on the fly with the different matchups, but we just didn't execute as well. Like he said, there were a couple switches that we were very lazy on, and when guys get hot like that, if you don't kind of shore up your defense, especially in pivotal moments where you have momentum and can get one or two stops away from either taking the lead or finishing quarters out strong or what have you, that's when it comes back to bite you. So that's what happened tonight.

Q. Gentlemen, obviously Draymond was out tonight. Can you share a little bit more about what was missed, and now you have a concern Andrew Bogut might be out as well potentially, what that means for the team?
KLAY THOMPSON: I mean, Draymond does a little bit of everything. Obviously, his playmaking, his rebounding, his communication and his heart and soul. So obviously we missed him tonight big time. It's not an excuse, though. We still had an opportunity to win the game. We liked our position at halftime tied up. But Kyrie was great tonight and had my number. Hit some tough shots, but there's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you put your hand up and it just goes in. Same with LeBron. He was hitting his shots we were giving him the first three games. But we still like our chances.

Yeah, it's obviously a big void to fill without Draymond out there. If Bogut -- if there's a chance he's out Thursday, our bigs are just going to have to step up. Been doing it all year.

Q. Klay, you're known as a great two-way player and you were on Irving like glue so much of the evening. What was your viewpoint from where you stood of him making some of the shots that he made right in your face?
KLAY THOMPSON: It happens. I mean, he's a phenomenal player, especially on the offensive end, so it obviously stings. And you watch the film and see what you can do better, but you don't let it deflate you for Thursday. You play the same hard-nosed defense and try to make them take the same contested shots.

Give Kyrie credit, he was hitting tough floaters, turnarounds, and he just had a great game. But you definitely don't hold your head down. You've got to come out Thursday with the same mindset to play hard-nosed and try and limit him to maybe 20, not 41.

Q. We've seen this movie before with LeBron James and the closeout game. But to get that kind of performance from Kyrie Irving, is that something that you guys could have foreseen?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, like Klay said, they're two talented players that are capable of big games like that. You don't want it to happen on you or especially in a situation like tonight. But I wouldn't say surprised because of what their talent level is and what they've shown in the past and, like he said, LeBron in big games.

It sucks that it happened tonight with the opportunity we had in front of us to close out a series at home in front of our home fans, and it's a tough feeling. But you work hard in the series early to put ourselves in this position again on Thursday, and we'll be ready. We'll obviously watch the film and understand the way the mishaps were, especially on the defensive end against those two guys. Come out with confidence and get the job done.

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