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June 12, 2016

Chase Elliott

Brooklyn, Michigan

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by today's second‑place finisher in the FireKeepers Casino 400, and that is Chase Elliott, driver of the No.24 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports. The racing out there today looked fantastic. Looked a little bit difficult from everybody's standpoint who was on the track. Just walk us through the final laps and your overall run today.
CHASE ELLIOTT: I had another fantastic car. My guys have been doing a really good job the past few weeks, and we've been just trying to give it all we can get to get one of these things. Had another fantastic opportunity today, and I feel like definitely messed that one up for my guys. As I said outside, you can't do dumb stuff and expect to win. That's just the way life is. That's certainly the way this sport is, and I did dumb stuff today, so can't expect to win.

Q. Talk about the debut of this aero package. Was it significant or much to do about not much?
CHASE ELLIOTT: It's hard to say. It's still hard to race running that fast. You know, definitely when you have clean air on those, that's going to be an advantage. I don't care if we have a spoiler or no spoiler or 16 inches of spoiler. It doesn't matter. Running 215 miles an hour, it's going to be hard to race.

Q. You, Kyle and Joey in the top three, three of the younger drivers on the circuit. What does that say about‑‑ is it cool to have a day where the youth dominates, and what does that say about the sport right now?
CHASE ELLIOTT: I think it was a day that myself, Joey and Kyle had three fast race cars, and I don't care if you're Superman, if you don't have a good car you can't go win one of these things. That's just a testament to the teams, certainly my team for giving me a fast race car, another one, and my guys have been doing such a good job from pit stops to the guys at the shop. Everybody has been giving it 110 percent, and I definitely messed one up for them today.

Q. You talked about dumb things. Can you address what those mistakes were?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, just putting it in the correct gear would be a good start.

Q. I was going to ask you, what chances did you have, A, to get up to Joey Logano, or was he just that dominant this afternoon?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Well, we had a shot. Kyle gave me a really, really good shove on a restart, was able to get by him, and I felt like we could kind of control the pace when we were out in front of him. I thought that said a lot about our car, and once we had the lead there, I felt like we had a really good opportunity to control the rest of the race if we had good restarts and good time on pit road. Pit road was fantastic, and the restarts weren't, so that was the difference.

Q. How close do you feel you are to winning one of these races?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Well, I think we had a fantastic opportunity today, and I think I messed one up.
THE MODERATOR: Chase, enjoy the break and good luck in Sonoma.

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