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October 11, 2002

Garret Anderson

Troy Glaus


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Troy and Garret.

Q. Question for Troy. Can you talk about going to rightfield and you're -- the thought process and the home run going in that direction.

TROY GLAUS: I think everybody, as hitters, we're always trying to stay on the ball and go the other way. The pitchers have a little bit to do dictating that. But the last couple days, just fortunate to get a couple pitches outside. And put some good swings on it and not pop them up or do what I have done in the past. You know, fortunately, turned into a couple hits.

Q. What was it like watching the ball go out? When did you know it was gone? Were you holding your breath there, rounding first base?

TROY GLAUS: Honestly, I didn't know it was gone until it hit the seats. We've all played in this stadium enough to know when it gets cold, the ball doesn't carry very well. For right-handers to go over there, you got to hit it pretty good. I was running, trying to get to second base, bounce over his head, maybe try to get to third, try to do something to get a rally going to get to score there in the ninth -- in the eighth.

Q. Garret, you were 0-8 coming in the series, but you pretty much own Milton. You hit well against Milton in your career. Was that something you thought about coming into the game and when you hit that home run right away, did that jack you up?

GARRET ANDERSON: Not really. Hitting's not that easy. I had some tough at-bats in Minnesota. I wanted to make sure I stayed aggressive, not get up there, taking pitches, trying to be too fine and perfect. He left the ball out over the plate and I put a swing on it.

Q. Garret, can you describe the Jacque Jones double over your head, then the catch at the end of the game. Did the hit carry further than you expected?

GARRET ANDERSON: He's probably one of the few lefties I play deep. When he hit it, I was just hoping it stayed in the park. As far as the ball, late in the game, Percy's pitching, not too many lefties gonna hit the ball over my head. I played more shallow than I normally do. I just wasn't gonna give up on it.

Q. Troy, you're standing on deck, seventh inning when everything sort of ends. Do you take anything with you to your next at-bat to keep it going for you guys?

TROY GLAUS: Well, I mean, leading off an inning there late in the game, all I was trying to do was somehow get on base, somehow start a rally, try to do something to get us going, just to sneak one across. We have the utmost confidence in our bullpen and their ability to hold leads. I was just trying to do something to get on base, something to start a rally, try to get something going.

Q. Troy, how are you liking the attention of the postseason? As opposed to the regular season, I know you're not a guy during the regular season that likes all the attention. Are you adjusting, is it fun, not fun?

TROY GLAUS: I mean, it's all right. It beats being at home right now (laughing). You just got to deal with that. That's fine. It's one of those things, it's part of what happens and you just deal with it. That's all right. It's fun. It's fun playing in the postseason. It's fun doing that. That's why we put all the time in, that's why we put all the time in spring training to do what we do, is to be playing now. I think we're just all excited to be playing now and not worried so much about everything else that's going on.

Q. Garret, what can you say about the fans here in Anaheim? Of course, Troy, you can answer as well. But compared to the Metrodome, now your Game 1 here, of the ALCS. Did they step up?

GARRET ANDERSON: They stepped up in the last series against the Yankees. That one game we got down against the Yankees and came back and scored those runs, ever since then, it seems like they've been waiting for us to do something. It's a good feeling when they get cheering and you get a little energy going. You don't try to make anything happen, but you let the game come to you and try and do something positive.

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