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June 10, 2016

Tyronn Lue

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Four

Q. Have you made the decision on Kevin Love, if he's cleared to go? If he is, do you put him back in the starting lineup?
TYRONN LUE: He's not cleared as of yet. He hasn't seen the doctor yet until he gets here.

Q. But I'm sure by now if indeed he is clear, you know if you're going to play him. Would you share that with us? And if you're going to play him, whether you'd start him?
TYRONN LUE: Well, I don't want to go off ifs, but, yes, we're going to play him if he's cleared to play, for sure.

Q. Would you start him?
TYRONN LUE: I'm not going to discuss that.

Q. Did you know that you wouldn't know by this point in the evening?
TYRONN LUE: No, I didn't.

Q. Do you know what the holdup is? Is just the doctor not here?
TYRONN LUE: Well, it's usually 24 hours after when you work out is when you see him again, so they won't be able to see him until he gets to the arena tonight. I'm not a doctor, [Expletive] (laughter).

Q. Throughout the Playoffs, pace has been a huge part of your game. Obviously they're going to come out with a lot of energy and try to slow you down. Are there things you talk to your team about as far as maintaining pace and keeping on the attack?
TYRONN LUE: Just playing the same way we did in Game 3, being aggressive, and physicality on both ends. We've got to attack the basket. We've got to push the ball, play in transition. We can get guys open shots that way. And it's fun to play that way, so we're going to play the same way we played in Game 3.

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