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June 10, 2016

Ken Duke

Memphis, Tennessee

Q. Round of 66 and I know you probably think it could have been a little bit better.
KEN DUKE: I'll take a 66 round at this place at anytime. This golf course sometimes if you're on the roll you can get it but if you're spraying it a little bit, it will get you. You take what you get on this golf course and go about the next day.

Q. You got a big bird out there today. Tell us about that on hole No. 3.
KEN DUKE: Somehow on No. 3 there's a big tree on left that got hit by lightning or got cut down. Now you can take it down the left side and I had a perfect number with a 5-iron, hit a perfect shot and made the putt. Really nice to get that.

Q. Perfect 5-iron from 204, 6 feet which made for a great birdie. Speaking of rolls, you've been on a great roll since The Players. What does that round on Saturday do for you?
KEN DUKE: Really special. Get confidence with my injuries going on. Get confidence into my game and keep fighting and playing hard and we're going to take three weeks off after this to try to get some rest and play about 6 more going on the rest of the year.

Hopefully have a good stop here and finish here and then we'll see where we are.

Q. I was going to ask you how the injuries are feeling. At 66, it's feeling pretty good right now.
KEN DUKE: It's good. One of my sponsors is here which I'll get an injection today. Kind of looking forward to that to kind of get some rest and hopefully do well.

Q. Great to see you playing well here.
KEN DUKE: Thank you guys. I appreciate it.

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