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June 10, 2016

Steve Stricker

Memphis, Tennessee

Q. 3-under. Today just a little more difficult than yesterday?
STEVE STRICKER: I didn't play very well. I drove the ball nicely. Got it in a lot of fairways. Didn't hit very good iron shots today. Didn't give myself a lot of great opportunities.

It was kind of a struggle hitting into the green all day for me today. So, felt like a lot of work today but still in an okay position. I have to come out tomorrow and put up a good one to get back in there, though.

Q. Let's talk about today. Hard working 71, wasn't it?
STEVE STRICKER: It was tough, tough working today. Kind of weathered the storm there through the first 8 holes on the backside, birdied 18 and then 1 and I have a putt to get to 6-under at 2, 3 and don't make either one. Not very good iron shots today into the greens. Struggled hitting into the greens today and I drove the ball nicely, got in the fairway I think 11 times out of the 14 so that part was good. Just not very good irons today.

Q. You birdied 18 two days in a row. Tough finishing hole. You have to be pleased with that.
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah. That was a good -- like I said, I kind of weathered the storm. I didn't play very good starting off and then make that birdie there is always a good birdie, you know, there and just couldn't get any momentum on the other side at all.

Q. Let me ask you this because Dennis Paulson is in our booth this week and he's bragging about you. He said you have not changed at all over last 25 years.
What is your fitness regimen because he wants to know?

STEVE STRICKER: Get a wife that doesn't let you eat anything. I'm gluten-free. I even quit drinking soda for about four months. You know what, that didn't work. I think it made me ornerier. I can at least have a soda a day, live life, right?

So, no, I just watch what I eat. I got a wife that doesn't put anything bad into her body so I've been trying to go down her route a little bit, don't eat a lot of dairy and stay away from a lot of carbs. Gluten-free. I don't know.

Q. Dennis is bragging about you so it should serve you well this week because it's going to be triple digit heat index.
STEVE STRICKER: It's hot out here. Even this morning right away from the start it was very warm and a little bit more muggy today and, yeah, you got to drink a lot of fluids out here.

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