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June 9, 2016

Brent Burns

Logan Couture

Martin Jones

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Game Five

San Jose 4
Pittsburgh ‑ 2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the players.

Q. Brent, can you talk a little bit about that opening goal, your comfort level, making a play like that, what it did for the team early in the game.
BRENT BURNS: Did you ask if I was comfortable pinching? It was a good forecheck by Karly. Just tried to help him out. I think there was a change.
Yeah, it was good. We talked about trying to get a better start, get off to the lead. It was a good start for the team.

Q. Logan, could you talk about your goalie's performance tonight and all playoffs long.
LOGAN COUTURE: Yeah, he was great. He made some big‑time saves. He's been playing like this for a long time, regular season, playoffs. A lot of people unfortunately don't get to see him, us being on the West Coast.
He's been unbelievable for us.

Q. Brent, you played about as nasty a game as a lot of people have seen you play in a long time tonight. Was that something that you went into the game with the mindset that you were going to play that way or did somebody pee in your cornflakes this morning, you were pretending to be Chris Pronger?
BRENT BURNS: Just kind of developed. The game was pretty tight. I think it's a pretty hard‑checking, tight game. Yeah, just normal game.
No cornflakes this morning, either. And hopefully no pee (laughter).

Q. Logan, when Brent is going like that, gets that first goal, plays like that throughout the game, can you speak to what that provides you guys in terms of energy.
LOGAN COUTURE: When he's jumping in the rush, it adds a different dimension to our team. Obviously everyone knows he's got the shot. When he reads plays, he's able to pinch, use his big body to protect pucks, score goals. He made a couple nice looks. One he saw me for a high tip.
It's just the Burnsy that's been with us all playoffs. He played great tonight.

Q. Martin, you were constantly tested tonight. Your performance was solid. Why is that?
MARTIN JONES: Thought we did a good job. A lot of stuff around the net tonight. I thought everybody did a good job battling around the net. They throw a lot of pucks to the net. That's just kind of the way they play. I thought we were good in the D zone.

Q. Logan, I'm sure you knew you were going to get a good effort out of Pittsburgh tonight. What was the feeling on the bench as they're making the push?
LOGAN COUTURE: To be honest, nothing changed. The biggest thing with our group in this playoffs and this season compared to years past is the composure, the calmness that we feel.
Obviously it's tough. You get a two‑goal lead, it's gone in a matter of a minute, minute and a half. But be calm, get back out there, get another good shift. We were able to score again. Melker gave us the lead again. Jonesy did the rest.

Q. Logan, there's a lot made about how the Sharks top players were yet to get on the score sheet. Did you feel more responsibility in a game like this, do or die?
LOGAN COUTURE: Yeah, I want to try to produce every night. That's my goal when I come to the rink, help the team try to score a goal. I'm sure if you ask Pav, Jumbo, Burnsy Paddy, everyone, even Tommy Wingels, Zuby, they all want to score, they want to help our team.
We know we haven't scored many goals, or any, in this series. It's one of the reasons why we're down 3‑1. We wanted to come. We didn't want the season to end tonight.

Q. Martin, can you talk about the job that your D did tonight in giving you clear looks at shots.
MARTIN JONES: Yeah, we did a good job. The pucks that did get through, like I said, we did a good job battling in front of the net. A lot of scrambles around the net. We did a great job there.

Q. Martin, take us through the save you made on Bonino on the rebound. Did you think you were going to have a chance on that one? Did you know he was right there?
MARTIN JONES: Yeah, always have a chance.
But, yeah, kind of made life a little difficult for myself a few times tonight with a couple rebounds. Just tried to get over it and take away the bottom of the net.

Q. Martin, you played a lot of really good games in the playoffs. Do you think tonight was your best game in the playoffs? Does a goalie get a special thrill out of winning an elimination game like this?
MARTIN JONES: I don't know. It's hard to say. I felt good tonight. I thought our D did a good job, like I said, in front of the net. We got a few bounces. It was a combination of things.

Q. (No microphone.)
MARTIN JONES: I think everybody does, yeah, winning the elimination games.

Q. Brent, do you think the extra day did you some extra good, maybe more than usual?
BRENT BURNS: I think the extra day, you have to take advantage of it, for both teams. Probably better for their team. We're used to the travel.
But I think in the playoffs, anytime you get a day, you take it.

Q. Martin, I know you downplayed it a bit in the first round because you were trying to beat him, but two months ago since you beat Jonathan Quick, how much did you learn from him and how much is that helping you now?
MARTIN JONES: We're pretty different goaltenders. But just watching him, how he competes, he's one of the best playoff goalies around.
Yeah, watched him compete, how he kind of elevated his game in the playoffs. That's something you try to emulate.

Q. Brent, after the skate today, you were asked why hasn't your team been able to get to their game. You said they're a good team, the enemy gets a vote. What allowed you to get to your game going tonight?
BRENT BURNS: I think every game has been really close. Just a bounce here or there. They're all going to be tight. Going forward, it's going to be the same thing. It's a matter of just trying to work for that balance. It's been going their way. They've had good starts. I think obviously we've been fighting to get back in the games.
We've done that. They just seem to get that extra one. Tight games. They're good. We're good. It's going to be tight.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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