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June 9, 2016

Peter DeBoer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Game Five

San Jose – 4
Pittsburgh ‑ 2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for coach.

Q. Pete, your thoughts on the performance of Martin Jones and also Logan Couture.
COACH DeBOER: Excellent. Both of them were excellent. We needed some big‑game performances from guys. Jonesy was one of those guys in a tough environment. I thought we got big games from some other people, too.
We found a way to stay alive and bring it back to San Jose.

Q. Describe the emotion when Brent Burns scores, gets that first goal. Do you see a difference in his game when he gets an early goal?
COACH DeBOER: I think Burnsy brings the same energy every night. It's not realistic he's going to score every night.
I think he consistently tries to be a difference maker in every game he plays. That's the beauty of him. Tonight that was a huge goal for us. We've been talking about getting the first goal. It was big to get it. We took a couple penalties in the first, which kind of took the momentum away. They obviously scored on one of them.
It was a step in the right direction from a start point of view. We have to continue to build on that.

Q. You came to camp this year, you had a new goaltender. How much did you know about him? At what point during the season did you really start to think he could be your number one?
COACH DeBOER: I spent a month with him at the World Championships. He backed up Mike Smith last year. We won a gold medal. Mostly practice. He played one game. I got to know him as a person, being around that team.
I think right away you recognized his composure, how calm and cool he was even in that situation. Then the big question was whether there was a competitive edge there with that composure. That's always the million‑dollar question.
We started the season, it didn't start as smoothly for any of us as we wanted. I mean, we were winning one, losing one, including him. Just kept battling and battling. Kept throwing him out there, he kept finding a way. I think we all recognized then that he had that competitive edge, too, that is critical.

Q. Pete, any particular message on the bench after they tied it with the two quick goals to get your team settled down?
COACH DeBOER: Not really. Just stick with it. One we stuck in our own net off a deflection. The other one went in off Hagelin as he came across the front. Two kind of seeing‑eye goals. It was critical at that point our group recognize we were doing some good things and stick with it.
Again, the penalties kind of took the momentum away from us. Again, we regrouped and found a way.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, coach.
COACH DeBOER: Thank you.

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