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June 9, 2016

Jamie Donaldson

Memphis, Tennessee

Q. Jamie, around of 66 today. How happy are you?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah. I played nicely. You know, hit a lot of fairways which was very important around there. Lot of water and hitting in the rough it's very hard to control your golf ball hitting into the greens. The greens are quick. Yeah, happy.

Q. You're one of these guys you'll play next week at Oakmont. Have you ever thought this time of year do you play, do you not play a week before the Major? Given this golf course is very difficult driving, is it great practice going into next week?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah. It's one of those things, some people do play, some don't. I like to play, you know, to get warmed up for the week, for next week.

So, you know, I'm here, just getting rid of rust, not been at home doing nothing. Come out here and like I say, just play golf and use it as a warm-up for next week.

Q. You had a Top-10 in Ireland not so long ago. How do you feel about your form, not heading into the week but heading into the second Major of the year?
JAMIE DONALDSON: The form was pretty geed. I played nicely in Ireland and got on. I played nicely all week. You know, Wentworth wasn't quite on it but wasn't far off. The game is pretty good. It's -- like I say, it's not too far off. Played nicely today here with the greens. I keep doing that everyday all week.

Q. One last thing, help me out here. If you can push the button on your face I want to have Jamie Donaldson here talking about -- next to your face -- talking about something, probably one of the greatest moments of your career.
You were the man that got the point that win at the Ryder Cup last time around at Gleneagles. You're 16th on the world points list.

Is it on your mind to try to make the team again?

JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah. I mean, obviously, I'd love to be on the team again. You know, it's one of those things you don't want to miss, you know, but it's very difficult to get in. It's nice to see I'm not that far away considering I haven't really -- it's over the course of the season. It's not too far off.

Got to put it all together this week, momentum and keep going and just press on for the rest of the season. It's is not something that you're falling into, you got to play really well to get on the team. Started off this week well and playing well from now on in.

Q. Your opening round, the long putt at 17 was kind a sweet putt, wasn't it?
JAMIE DONALDSON: I hit a good shot in there and looking at coming down close to the flag and did it and just stopped. And I had about a 30-footer and hit a really good putt on the line that I wanted to start on. Nice to see it roll in the middle.

Q. This course, tough conditions right now especially with the heat, greens are really firm and fast. Got to be proud of that round.
JAMIE DONALDSON: It was good. Played nicely. Tomorrow is going to be different, playing in the afternoon. We played at 7:00 this morning. It's nice and cool.

The hardest thing for me this week will be to get through the heat. I had a win before Christmas in Thailand. It was very hot. And so, you know, I got to get used to just playing really slowly and sucking up the heat and drinking plenty because it's going to be another 20 degrees warmer tomorrow.

Q. You drove the ball really well today. That's the key at this place.
JAMIE DONALDSON: It is. It's a narrow golf course. You got to put it on short grass otherwise it's very difficult to get close to the pin. I hit a lot of good tee shots and good iron shots in there. Game is pretty good. Got to keep going. The same again tomorrow.

Q. As the heat rises do you go out and practice today or chill out?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Definitely not. Yeah, I won't be doing anything. I played pretty good today. It's a case of conserving energy all week.

Q. Five birdies, one bogey. Just a hiccup on 15. You got to be happy.
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, happy. It's -- the only bad shot I hit all day. Pulled it off the tee. Tricky little hole, that one, as most holes on this golf course.

You got to drive it on the short stuff and be able to get it close to the flags. I managed to do that pretty well today and it helped me get it in tight there towards the pins.

Q. When you look at this course, you know, you talk to the guys going into the tournament, they say if you can get 2 3, 4 everyday, you're going to be in contention on Sunday.
And here you are, you got to 4. Do you feel good about where you are?

JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah. You got to go out there and maximize your playing potential with what you've got on any given day. Today I went out there, played solid. You know, 4-under I'm happy. Not exactly ripping it but you don't have to stripe it miles down this golf course. You got to thread it and keep it on the fairways and, you know, some of those pins are tucked away in tight places. It's a question of keep driving the ball in play and then you got a chance of getting your ball close to the flag.

Q. How much does patience play a role out here? There are some holes where if you step on the tee you're like, "Look, let's just make par and move on." There's some of those holes out here, right, patience is huge?
JAMIE DONALDSON: You got to be really patient especially with the heat. It's heating up now. I won't be doing much this afternoon. Tomorrow it's going to be even hotter.

Yeah, you got to be very patient, patient with the weather. Lot of the guys out here used to this. I played in pretty warm conditions back in Europe and Asia so I played in this sort of heat before but it's a case of just taking it easy, taking it slow and drinking plenty of water and just keep trying to put that ball in the fairway.

Q. Talk about the win on the Asian Tour in Thailand. What did that do for your game?
JAMIE DONALDSON: It was great. Obviously wins are very important. That's what it's all about. And, yeah, it was a great win before Christmas to get me knee in the Masters, get me in The Open. That was huge.

At the moment I'm not in the Top 50 in the world so I wasn't going to be guaranteed in those, places in those big tournaments unless the win in Thailand. It was very important.

Great to get the win and great to get me in the Masters and great to get me in The Open and recently just qualified for the U.S. Open. You got to play in those big events if you're going to get anywhere in this game and playing and compete to win. That's what it's all about. You can't win them if you don't get in them.

Q. Do you feel your game is good?
JAMIE DONALDSON: The game is pretty good. The game is thereabouts. Just putting it all together in the week and just press on from there. Great warm-up for next week. So, I just need to keep concentrating one round at a time and get myself in good form for next week.

Q. Jamie, a couple of things about Europe. You just made it over. It's such a crowded schedule. What does your schedule look like the next couple of weeks?
JAMIE DONALDSON: We're not sure yet. I don't know. It's a bit back and forth. I've been playing in America and in Europe. It's difficult. Did it last year as well.

It's very hard to find the right amount of events on either side of the Pond to make it so you feel fresh but you're competitive. That's the hardest thing I must master.

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