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June 7, 2016

Draymond Green

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. Being a West Coast team, you've played here so infrequently. But what is your take on what the Cavs fans can be like? What do you anticipate?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It's a very hostile environment. Their fans really bring it. Each time I've been in this building, really the last two years it definitely gets really loud in here. And they really support their guys.

You know, we're not foreign to hostile environments. Especially this year, everywhere we've gone has been crazy. It's been sold out everywhere we went. Everybody's fans are super loud, with the season that we're having. So we've just got to come in here with an even greater focus than we had at home, and, you know, block the crowd out as much as you can.

Q. Do you relish that?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It's definitely an amazing feeling. Just to play in front of fans like that. You know everyone's against you. But I've always said the best feeling in the world is to quiet another team's crowd. So that right there alone is always motivation to go out and do great on another team's floor.

Q. I remember last year when everybody said you guys had an easy road here. You can't really say that this year, right?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, it definitely hasn't been easy. It's been a tough road to get here. But with the injury to Steph and we've played some tough teams, battling back from deficit, it's definitely been a tough road, but I think that's only made us better and a lot stronger.

Q. You guys are 11-1 at home in the playoffs and 3-4 on the road. On the road you've had some really big wins. Obviously, Houston when Steph got hurt and Oklahoma City, but also some really lopsided losses. Why do you think the wide range on the road? Is that just the nature of playing on the road?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It happens. At the end of the day, I think we've won the necessary games we've needed to win on the road. You don't expect to go in and win every game on the road. Your goal is usually to get one in the series, and if I'm not mistaken, we've done that in every series. So that's kind of how it goes. You expect a team to have home-court advantage. But if you can go get one win, that's usually good to go.

Q. You talk about focus and energy on the road. How much do you take it upon yourself to make sure you guys come out with what you need?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It definitely falls under my category, where it's on me to make sure guys are ready to play. Make sure guys come out with a lot of energy and ready to fly around. The margin of error that you have at home is a lot slimmer on the road, and you've got to know that coming into the game. You come into a home game and maybe you're not ready to play from jump or you don't have that energy level, it's a lot easier to battle back from than it is on the road. On the road it's almost impossible.

It's just something that we're conscious of. We've been in this position a lot now and aware. Everybody knows what it takes, and looking forward to doing it.

Q. What is the way that you guys have been able to slow them down from three? It's a big strong point for them. What do you think the lack of threes does to that team?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think what's funny is I think our one-on-one defense has really been the key to stopping them from shooting threes. Just because if you keep a guy in front of you, you don't give up straight line drives and all of a sudden you don't have to help as much, and then the driving kick-outs, they aren't as open. So if they do get a three, it's a contested shot which makes it a lot tougher. I think that's been the key.

Obviously this team, all Playoffs really, since T. Lue took over, that's kind of been their identity. They've gotten up a lot of threes, so to stop them from that aspect of the game, the first two games were big for us. But it will be a lot harder here because they really feed off this crowd.

Q. In re-watching some of the film, what have you noticed about the switching and how that's frustrated LeBron with your lineup going small?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think the switching has worked for us. We don't want to switch. We don't want unnecessary switches, but I think we do have the personnel to guard these guys if we are switching, which has been good for us. I think it's really necessary. It's been frustrating for them, but it's something that has worked to our advantage.

Q. Luke Walton said he encouraged you to shoot a lot last game. I know you've answered a lot of questions about him. What has he meant to you though and all the coaches that you've had? You guys have had such a special relationship.
DRAYMOND GREEN: He's meant a lot to me. Definitely a special relationship, and obviously one that won't change just because he's leaving. That's one that will last a lifetime. He was on me a lot last game about shooting the basketball. He's like, "Man, you've got to shoot. We know you can make the shots. You know you can make the shots, but I need you to take those shots with confidence when you're open. Stop hesitating."

So he's been very helpful to my career, not only in stuff like that, he's taught me a lot. Then also just taught me a lot about myself as well, more so than just about basketball. So it's been great to have him around as someone that you can relate to in any aspect.

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