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June 6, 2016

Wayne Graham

Tristan Gray

Hunter Kopycinski

Glenn Otto

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rice - 10, LSU - 6

WAYNE GRAHAM: Obviously I'm real proud of our effort. Dane gave us all he had. He hasn't gone very long all year, and of course Glenn was great. Our guys competed well with the bat. So we're alive and happy to be here.

THE MODERATOR: Glenn, talk about your outing, please.

GLENN OTTO: I felt like I was able to keep them off balance. They obviously have a lot of great hitters and know what they are doing up there. You don't get away with too many mistakes with that line up. I think Fraley took every advantage he could off that mistake I gave him. But was able to keep them off balance, and it's easy when these guys put up a 10-spot to pitch. Makes it a lot easier.

THE MODERATOR: Hunter, you had a big RBI in the second. Talk about that at-bat, and also maybe talk about Otto, please.

HUNTER KOPYCINSKI: Yeah, I was just really trying to get a pitch to drive and not do too much with it. But just happened to work out that way; that he kind of fed me a fastball that I was able to put in the gap.

And then as far as Otto goes, it was just a stellar outing after Dane went as long as he could, and Otto really came, in gave us a heroic effort and really shut the door.

THE MODERATOR: Tristan, big home run in the fourth. Talk about that at-bat and talk about your night at the plate, please.

TRISTAN GRAY: Coming into the game I wasn't feeling too great, but I just had to buckle down and he kind of gave me an off-speed. And I wasn't really sitting on it, but I was able to keep my hands back and end up putting a decent swing on it and it carried out.

Q. Was there a lot of confidence coming into tonight? Aside from the ground rule grand slam last night, you had to feel like y'all played pretty well.
HUNTER KOPYCINSKI: Yeah, I guess you could say there was confidence. Not taking anything away from them because they are obviously a great team. They did really well at the SEC and got hot at the end in that tournament. It's not like they are a slouch team that's just going to roll over for you.

But we definitely felt like we kind of let one slip away or didn't put our best foot forward, and so we knew as long as everyone came out here focused, ready to play, that we would have a good shot at it.

Q. Glenn, for those of us who have not seen you guys all year, have you pitched this much in back-to-back days like this before this season?
GLENN OTTO: Maybe once. I mean, I felt good enough to go. If I had any problems in my arm, I would have made them aware of it, and they wouldn't have put me out there.

Everything felt good and I was throwing before the game, and felt like I could go, so gave them the thumb's up.

Q. What is your kind of pitching plan look like for tomorrow?
WAYNE GRAHAM: We've got to do some real thinking on that. Solecitto is available, Willy Amador is available, and possibly something from Fox. I don't think it will be lengthy but he's capable of doing something. He didn't throw -- he didn't get to a hundred pitches the other day. He's a little older and stronger, so he could help us, I think.

Q. For the two position players, as far as the game before when you played Southeastern, what type of confidence did you guys have after beating them by 15 runs and 16 hits and coming into the LSU game?
TRISTAN GRAY: We came into that game just wanting to survive and advance, and getting a big lead like that really helped us out. Helped save some pitching. Even though we had to deal with a rain delay, we still overcame that and it felt pretty good and gave us a lot of confidence going into the game tonight.

Q. Coming in in that situation with the bases loaded and the crowd was kind of getting into it, how big was that for you to get that out; how difficult is that to come into that situation?
GLENN OTTO: In that situation, I've been in there before. Not quite with that crowd, but definitely the fans do a great job here.

You know, you just kind of drown as much out as you can and focus on what you need to do, and that's making every pitch, pitch by pitch and making every pitch, and I felt like I was able to do that and get out of that jam and just start with a clean inning, so that was pretty big.

Q. Tristan and Hunter, does it feel good going into tomorrow knowing you just have one game, as opposed to two?
HUNTER KOPYCINSKI: I guess you could phrase it that way. I mean, it's just, I think the best idea is knowing that we're back against the wall again, both teams. It's either win or go home, or your season's done. And we've kind of done a good job of competing and battling late in the season with this situation, and so we're just going to approach it like that. There's no tomorrow if you lose, so just attack and go after them.

Q. Did you have any doubt about bringing Myers back today, just considering he threw 50 pitches on Sunday?
WAYNE GRAHAM: Well, he's eager to do something, because he's our starting third baseman all year, he's had a broken thumb, so he's been able to work on his pitches more. We knew we needed a changeup, and I thought he could throw a lot of those.

I didn't know how much he could go, but he said his arm felt fine and he's ready to go. When you're facing the end of the season and you want to play some more, and we've got a lot of guys that want to play some more.

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