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June 6, 2016

Jake Fraley

Paul Mainieri

Kramer Robertson

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rice - 10, LSU - 6

PAUL MAINIERI: Obviously a tough loss for us tonight. We just had a tough time stopping them. We had a couple tough breaks early offensively, kept us from scoring some runs. Caleb had trouble getting his breaking ball over the plate. They were sitting on his fastball and they put some good things on it.

Then we finally came back and tied the game and had a chance to do more, but we just let some opportunities get away from us, and then we just couldn't stop them in the middle innings. Hopefully tomorrow might be a different story.

THE MODERATOR: Jake, big night for you offensively, home run, double and four hits. Talk about that, please.

JAKE FRALEY: I was feeling good. We have a game plan going into every single game, especially facing these guys for the second time. We faced some pitchers that we faced in the first game, so we just had a game plan and I was able to execute it tonight.

THE MODERATOR: Kramer, likewise for you, home run, four hits. A few comments, please.

KRAMER ROBERTSON: Yeah, just went out there and got a few pitches I could hit and did what I could with them. Was fortunate to find some holes there and get some good swings on it. Just wasn't enough tonight.

Q. You guys saw Otto yesterday. Did he look about the same? I know he had thrown a ton of pitches. Did he ever look like he was tiring at all?
KRAMER ROBERTSON: I guess the guy's got a rubber arm because he had good stuff again today. Obviously he's got a really good breaking ball and he was able to throw it for strikes and get ahead with it, and kind of kept us off-balance.

You know, we had a few good swings off of him but for the most part, he was able to do his job. Tip your hat to him.

Q. Paul, I know it's been just a few minutes here, but do you have a chance at all to think about what you're going to do pitching-wise tomorrow?
PAUL MAINIERI: No, haven't decided yet.

Q. Would Jared Poche' be an option for you?
PAUL MAINIERI: Possibly. I'm not sure yet.

Q. Do you have an update on Austin Bain? Is he okay?
PAUL MAINIERI: I think he's okay. God, it's scary, he got hit right between the eyes. He seemed totally in control of himself after the game and he was even in the team huddle. I haven't talked to the trainer. It seemed as though we dodged a bullet there. It was a scary-looking play, but thank God it looks like he'll be all right, at least from what I can see.

Q. Last night in reference to Houston a couple years ago, you mentioned that the pressure kind of shifts after a game like this. How are you able to -- is this group able to handle that a little bit better, do you think?
PAUL MAINIERI: I don't think I said that. I think somebody asked me the question that way, but I didn't agree with them.

I think it's just one ballgame. We played a game tonight and now we play a game tomorrow. Obviously the players aren't dumb. They know that if we want to continue to play next week, we have to get the job done tomorrow.

So I don't think there's any more pressure on anybody than there was in any other ballgame. We've just got to go out there and play our game tomorrow, and we'll have some pitching that I believe has a good chance of shutting them down. We need to go out and score some runs. Just got to play a little bit better tomorrow, that's all.

Q. You were in this situation a couple years ago after Houston won the game. Is anything different, do you think?
JAKE FRALEY: Like Coach just said, we have to approach it like the next game on the schedule. We're going to forget about what we didn't do as well, but also learn from that and take what we need to from this game into the next one. Forget about it; once the clock hits 12 o'clock, we are going to forget about it and put our focus on this next game.

Like I said earlier, we're going to have a game plan and we're going to go out and execute it tomorrow.

Q. On your pitching tonight, only one person threw more than 30 pitches. Is that part of your plan, not to look ahead, but say, let's look --
PAUL MAINIERI: From tonight's game? No, no, I was just trying to get some pitcher that is could get somebody out tonight. We just had a tough time doing that. There was no plan looking forward. It was just let's see if we can get them out and we weren't having a lot of success doing that, so we were trying different guys.

Q. Kind of piggybacking off that, the bullpen has been the strength for you guys and the pitching has been the strength the last two weeks. What went wrong? Did it start with Caleb only facing nine guys and just kind of go downhill from there?
PAUL MAINIERI: Obviously I didn't plan on our starting pitcher only pitching two innings and giving up three runs. That obviously was not part of the plan.

But it forced us to go to the pen a lot earlier than we wanted to. I mean, there's no secret who the main guys are for us coming out of the bullpen, and you hate to -- that's one thing you do a little different when you have a game to play with so to speak.

You don't want to burn up your top bullpen guys if you don't have a lead. And when we came back and tied the game, you know, I had a tough decision there to go to some of the top guys right there, or wait and see if we could get a lead and I thought we tried -- I hoped we could get through another inning there with a combination of Riley and Doug Norman, but it didn't work out there -- was it the fifth inning, bottom of the fifth inning, I think.

I just thought it a little bit early to go to our end-of-game guys and unfortunately we got back in a hole and then we just got -- Jesse came in, couldn't hold them, either. So the lead just became insurmountable at that point.

Q. Do you think three days' rest is enough for Jared?
PAUL MAINIERI: We'll see. We'll see how he feels tomorrow. Not sure yet.

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