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June 5, 2016

Alyssa DiCarlo

Sydni Emmanuel

Lu Harris-Champer

Chelsea Wilkinson

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

LSU - 4, Georgia - 1

THE MODERATOR: We have University of Georgia on the dais. Coach, general comments about the game?

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: It was a good game, hard-fought battle, just can't say enough about the heart of both programs. Really proud of our team and our seniors, just want to wish them the best in the world. So proud of this team in the sense and the way that they've just really overcome adversity and really became strong as a unit, and just really the love and belief and trust that they have for each other. They will always be special in my heart, and just very proud of the women that they are.

Q. Lu, when you think back on this senior class, what legacy do you think they're going to leave behind?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: The ability just to really believe and care and really have great trust for each other and just -- you know, the grit and the heart and how much they just really get out there and compete and work hard for what is best for the team. Very selfless. Just can't say enough good things about them.

Q. Sydni and Alyssa, going forward, what sort of lessons did you learn from this senior class and how much of that can be carried forward into next season?
SYDNI EMANUEL: I think one of the biggest things was they always told us to have fun, always be yourself, don't ever be afraid to be yourself around your team because your team is going to be your family at the end of the day. We have to carry that over to the next year. I think that'll be huge for our incoming class. We're going to have a big class of 10 freshmen, so that'll be huge for them.

ALYSSA DiCARLO: This class just never stopped fighting. I can take that from them. They compete every pitch, and I just think that that's good for the next class to be instilled in them.

Q. Coach, talk about what -- she just mentioned about the incoming class. How big is it and how much of an impact are you expecting to carry over and get the team back to this point next season?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: You know, every year we're going to work hard, and that's going to be our ultimate goal is to get ourselves here and put ourselves in position to compete for a national championship. But I really just can't say enough about this team, team 20, and how locked in they are, how strong they've been together, and how really they grew in their strength and belief of each other as the season went on.

Q. Chelsea, when you think back about your career and kind of what you guys are leaving behind, the big super regional win, getting back to Oklahoma City, what kind of legacy do you feel like this senior class is going to leave?
CHELSEA WILKINSON: Well, obviously like this has been such an incredible journey for all of us these four years, so you know, we were just really focused on family this year, and I think that was just really huge. You know, the program was here before us and it's going to go on long after us, so just the relationships that we built throughout this journey which we'll carry throughout our lives.

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: And that's the epitome of the senior class right there. That was outstanding, Chelsea.

Q. For Sydni and Alyssa, how much can the streak you guys got on in the postseason, how much can that stuff carry over into next season, and what are you guys going to do as returning players to make sure that that momentum keeps going?
ALYSSA DiCARLO: Just to never stop fighting. We're a scrappy team, so if you just keep competing every pitch -- that's what we did in the postseason, so we've just got to keep doing what we're doing.

SYDNI EMANUEL: Same thing as Alyssa said, but with the new team next year, every team has its own personality, but a big theme for Georgia softball is to never stop fighting, always compete, always go after whoever you're going against.

Q. Coach, Bianka Bell and her performance, two home runs for them; what did you think of that? Were you trying to -- Chelsea got the strikeout the second time Bianka came around. Did you say let's challenge her again? What happened on that second home run?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Well, I think Bianka is a great player, just straight-up really, really good player, great hitter, and she's brought a lot of heart for her team, and she did an outstanding job today. I thought Chelsea pitched an outstanding game today, as well. Sometimes that's just what happens.

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