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June 5, 2016

Megan Betsa

Carol Hutchins

Sierra Romero

Kelsey Susalla

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Florida State - 1, Michigan - 0

THE MODERATOR: At the time we have University of Michigan on the dais. Coach, general comments about the game.

CAROL HUTCHINS: Well, congrats. You have to congratulate what a great effort Florida State and Jessica Burroughs was just outstanding. Outstanding effort.

You know, they got it done, and they shut down a very good Michigan team, a very good hitting team. As I've said all week, Megan Betsa gave us a chance to win. She gave us every chance to win and did her part, and we just didn't find a way to get it done. I've got a lot of heartbroken kids, a fantastic senior class that has to say goodbye, and I told them just to reflect on their careers, what they've meant to Michigan and what Michigan has meant to them. We'll hold our head high at the end of the day because they represent this institution and the sport of softball. They represent their families every day the way our institution asks them to do it. They're great Michigan women.

As a coach, ultimately that's what I'm most proud of. I'll always be proud of team 39. They've had a great season and we had a great run, and unfortunately we just ran out at the end.

Q. Coach, a one-hitter from your pitcher, what more can you ask in a game like this?
CAROL HUTCHINS: You can't ask any more. She couldn't have done anything else. She pitched her guts out. She pitched her heart out, and she did everything she could for her teammates.

Q. Sierra and Kelsey, what was Burroughs doing that was just so effective from beginning to end today?
SIERRA ROMERO: She was just being the good pitcher that she is. She's spinning the ball, and she was hitting her spots, so she did a good job.

KELSEY SUSALLA: Yeah, just mixing it around in the strike zone, and we chased a couple pitches, but I think overall we were just trying to get our cuts in and just put the ball in play, but it didn't really work out for us.

Q. Kelsey and Sierra, I know it's hard this season after your last game, but Coach talked about reflecting on what you've done here. Can you both reflect on what you did here at Michigan and also particularly this year?
KELSEY SUSALLA: I mean, my time here has been awesome. This last year with 20 other girls was just amazing. We didn't get the outcome that we wanted, but I wouldn't have traded these three last days for anything. Any extra day that I can be with my teammates is an awesome experience for me.

I thank Hutch for giving me this opportunity, and it's been awesome.

SIERRA ROMERO: I mean, ever since I stepped foot on campus, Michigan has done nothing but great things for me, and I've just tried my best to represent Michigan the best way I know how. Playing for Hutch and team 39 this year has been amazing. There's no other place I'd rather be, no other uniform I'd rather wear, and I love Michigan.

Q. Megan, can you described what happened on the Florida State scoring play?
MEGAN BETSA: It was supposed to be a changeup in the dirt, and it was just a little too much in the dirt, and it got past Aidan, and the run scored, but I gave up too many free bases in that inning, and it hurt me.

Q. Megan, can you actually walk us through today in terms of coming back from last night, and it seemed like you really settled down obviously after those early innings, kind of got into a groove. Just the entire day how did you find of manage through all this?
MEGAN BETSA: I just had to fight and I was focused on giving everything I had and working through whatever I needed to work through. I knew if this was going to be it, that I was going to go out and give everything that I had for my teammates and this senior class.

Q. How difficult was the -- it was like a 12-hour turnaround from last night to today's game.
SIERRA ROMERO: We're college students. We stay up that late sometimes. We're fine. You know, it's softball. We've conditioned all year for this, and it just didn't fall our way.

MEGAN BETSA: We got back as soon as we could and went to sleep and iced and had a good breakfast and we were ready to come and play, but we just didn't do what we needed to do.

KELSEY SUSALLA: I agree with what they said. It doesn't matter what the turnaround was, but we just didn't get the outcome that we wanted today.

Q. Hutch, can you talk about your strategy in that last inning? Did you want Monty to bunt there?
CAROL HUTCHINS: I wanted her to bunt it to the right side, and we didn't get it done. I'm sure Burroughs spun that pitch and we needed to get the tying run to second base and give us a chance to win. They played deep. They'd been bunted on the whole tournament, and we just didn't get it done.

Q. Coach, your senior class won over 200 games in Ann Arbor. Can you talk about the impact they had off the field during their time in Ann Arbor?
CAROL HUTCHINS: You know, we set really high expectations for our student-athletes, and if you're going to wear the Block M, you're going to wear it right. You're going to learn the minute you walk in the door that this isn't about you, this is about Michigan, and your job, your duty, and the reason we bring you to Michigan and give you the opportunity of your lifetime is to help make Michigan great. And our kids embraced that and they epitomized it. This senior class has done nothing but both of those things. They have done nothing but represent Michigan. I'm very, very proud of that.

Q. Hutch, now the last three days, is there anything that you kind of take away from I guess what went right or what went wrong these three games in three days?
CAROL HUTCHINS: You know, I say it all the time: I've been coaching longer than most people have been alive, and it's really hard to get to the World Series. It's really hard to win at the World Series. And honestly, I'm just proud of our kids for the season they've had. It doesn't always go your way. That's how life goes. It's not whether it goes right or wrong, it's just whether you persevere through it. If this is the biggest adversity they ever have, you know they've had a heck of a great life.

Q. Hutch, you talked last week about how this team carried expectations all season from last year's World Series performance. In the end how do you think this team handled that, this whole season, and even in this postseason?
CAROL HUTCHINS: This has been a -- this is a tough group. We made them tough by what we do every day, and regardless of the final outcome here, they toughed through all those things, and it's not when you're winning 12-0 when you have to be tough, it's when -- and we got through that regional, we got through that super regional, and we got here, and we won a tough game the first night. You know, we were close to winning it last night without our best performance. This is a really tough group.

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