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May 20, 2016

Andy Murray

Paris, France

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you feeling about Hibs' big day tomorrow? What advice can you give them about not letting the weight of history weigh on their shoulders when they are trying to win their first Cup final for however many years it is?
ANDY MURRAY: Most important thing is to try to make the most of it and give your best effort the whole way throughout. Because if you do that, you can obviously be disappointed if you lose, but you come away with no regrets.

I think as an athlete, that's hard to deal with. You know, if in a big match you feel like you haven't given everything or you could have done more that can sit with you for quite a while.

Whereas if you go out and do everything you can, try your best to the end regardless of the outcome, you'll be able to deal with that much, much better.

So hopefully they win, but there are two teams playing tomorrow. One of them has to lose, so it will be tight.

Q. Can you just give us an update on your coaching situation? Have you made any inquiries? Have you thought much about it yet?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I have spoken a little bit to my team about it, but I haven't spoken to anyone yet.

Obviously, you know, with the way that everything went in Rome and Madrid, you know, things obviously are going well just now, so no need to sort of rush into anything. I'm happy with the work I have done with Jamie so far.

And, yeah, like I said, last week, you know, potentially and the grass, you know, there is a little bit more time to potentially try something.

But I haven't spoken to anyone about it yet except for my team.

Q. What have you been doing since Rome? How has practice gone here?
ANDY MURRAY: Today's practice was good. I practiced with Rafa today. That was a very good practice. The last few days it's been tough. The first day I got here on Wednesday conditions were pretty -- they weren't nice conditions to practice in.

I practiced with Goffin and we had to stop after an hour and 15 because it had been raining pretty much the whole practice. The groundsmen were sort of not happy with us sort of ruining the court. (Smiling.)

And then yesterday again also very, very, very cold, windy conditions. I practiced with Feli Lopez. But today was good. Had a good practice today. Took a few days off after Rome on Monday and Tuesday, and then got here late Tuesday night and just been here.

Q. You often practice with Rafa and Novak on tour, which is not common for top players. I can't remember Rafa and Novak hitting or Rafa and Roger. Do you think that's something special in your relationship with them that makes it easier?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, they normally beat me so maybe they're a bit happier to practice with me. (Laughter.)

But, no, I mean, sometimes I haven't practiced with either of them for a while. But, yeah, I mean, I have hit with them over the years a lot. You know, especially sort of before the big events or at the beginning of the year, I think it's -- you don't actually learn loads about their game when you're practicing with them, but it's great practice. Why not get the best practice possible before, you know, big events?

You know, intensity is high obviously when you're playing against the best players. You know, you want to practice well. You know, there's a little bit more incentive there in the practice.

And, yeah, it helps me, I think.

Q. This is a question from Chile. How was the experience to work with Pedro Rebolledo in Arantxa Sanchez Academy?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I don't remember that clearly. This is like 13, 14 years ago now, but he also spent maybe a little bit more time with my brother, as well.

But, yeah, he was a good guy. Quite small from what I remember. (Smiling.) But, yeah, he was nice. Hard working, like all of the coaches there. They had all of the players working hard there and I enjoyed it.

Q. In terms of working with a team, a coach, trainer, physio, really building a team around you, how much has that changed since you started playing? Was there a point or a moment in your career where you really realized that this was something you needed to surround yourself with, good, professional people?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, well, when I first came on the tour I just traveled with a coach pretty much, and then I started traveling with coach and physio. You know, and then when I realized that actually, you know, the game was becoming pretty physical and that I had lost a few sort of longer matches and it was something I needed to improve, I started traveling with the physical trainer, as well.

Because at the beginning of my career, when you're not getting into the end of all of the tournaments, you know, you have days there where you can get some good physical work done and training done, as well.

I kind of realized that probably when I was like 20. Like 20 years old I started traveling with a physical trainer, too. Yeah, it's obviously very important to surround yourself with good people. There are things I wish I had done differently when I was younger, too, but that's something you obviously learn as you go along.

Now I feel like I pretty much know what it is I need and the people that I need around me and feel good just now.

Q. On the coaching again, if things continue to go well with Jamie, might you consider just sticking with him longer term? And what is it he's brought to your team?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, that's for sure possible. You know, always looking to improve, so if there is something that I feel could help me, then for sure I would look into that in terms of, you know, another person to help out, and also to give him a break, as well from time to time. Traveling every single week during the year and every practice week is tough, and, you know, it's the beginning of our relationship just now.

Normally over time, when you spend so much time with each other, having a little bit of separation can be good, too. But, I mean, I enjoy working with him. I obviously know him very well. We get on well away from the court. But he's a very good people person. He communicates very well with everyone. He gets on well with my whole team. I find it very easy to chat to him.

He's pretty calm, relaxed. He's a relaxed guy. On top of that very, very experienced around the tour. I mean, he's played whatever it was, like 25 Wimbledons in a row or 23 Wimbledons in a row, so he's been around the game a long, long time.

And, yeah. He's a good coach. I enjoy working with him and had good results too with Gilles Muller and we started well.

Q. It's tough to talk about your draw because there are qualifiers everywhere. Can you talk about the potential pitfalls of playing a qualifier in the first round?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, well, it's tough just because the conditions here are obviously new to -- well, to me they are different to last week in Rome, and the qualifiers have played three matches. That's tough. They have won three matches here. They are probably feeling pretty good about their conditions and comfortable on the courts.

You know, it's only two days out from the start of the tournament and I don't know who I'm playing against yet, so sometimes when you know, obviously like you practice this afternoon you can start working on things and start talking about things. But I could play one of 16, 17 players depending on the lucky losers potentially, too.

So you don't have as much time to start preparing for it, and, yeah, that's what makes it tricky. The positives are that often a lot of the qualifiers maybe have not played on the bigger courts and stuff and maybe you can capitalize a bit on that at the beginning if they are a little bit nervous.

But some go out there and go for it right from the beginning and feel good, so you never know.

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