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May 22, 2016

Lucie Safarova

Paris, France

L. SAFAROVA/V. Diatchenko

6-0, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel to be back in Paris after few up and downs?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Thank you. It's really nice to be back. I'm excited. Obviously a lot of great memories from last year. To be back here on-site, playing on the same courts, brings a lot of nice feelings.

Q. Knowing that you made the final last year, how has your mindset changed coming back here this year?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: As I said, a lot of nice memories coming back. I'm just -- I had a lot of health issues last half year, so I'm just really happy to be playing and to be here. Each match I face, I will try to win and we will see.

Q. Did you think you weren't going to get that match finished today at any point?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: It was very close, because the rain was like on and off. At some point it was drizzling pretty hard again. I was pretty lucky to finish it today.

But I'm happy that I did it.

Q. Can I also ask how is your confidence generally?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Pretty good. I mean, I had a great tournament in Prague, I got food poisoning in Madrid a little bit. Lost in Rome second round but a good three-setter. I feel good on clay. Let's see. Step by step (smiling).

Q. Tennis is interesting in the sense that you have ball kids, kids with you on court. Not very many professional sports have kids with them while they are playing. Is that something you have to take extra care for? The kids offer a lightening of mood or how do you deal with the kids on court?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, usually you're very focused on the game, so you're not very much like looking around yourself. But obviously you know when there are kids around, small kids.

I usually, like, I try to be nice (smiling). I understand when there are some mistakes. But I have to say in Paris here, the kids are so well trained and everything is going so perfect and smooth. I know they have their warmups in the morning always. It's pretty impressing.

Q. How important is it, Sunday start, so there are three days for the first round, but do you think it makes a big impact that your match got finished today? Other players who were scheduled today get pushed off or their matches get postponed. Do you think it has an impact on results or the draw at all?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, it's nice to have the match finished, and obviously now I have two days off, which I can train, hopefully, and get back to my routine.

But I don't think it does a huge impact in the draw results. I mean, obviously today it's tough conditions because of the rain and delays and the balls are quite heavy, but it's same for everyone.

Q. When the match was interrupted by rain, did anybody tell you or did you have a sense as to how long the rain delay would be when you walked off the court? Were you able to take a nap or have a meal? Or did you have to be ready to go within 10, 15 minutes?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, they have been delaying the matches by I think hour and a half and hour, so, yes, I got a little bit a snack, I will say, not food. I was just relaxing in the warmup area where there are less people.

And, yeah, not doing much. Just waiting. It's tough to be the first one on. You always have to watch the weather and watching all the apps on the phones, is it going to be hour or more. Yeah.

Q. A very serious question here for you.
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Always serious from you.

Q. Have you ever had an instance where you're on court against a player wearing the same outfit as you? Just kind of talk me through that.
LUCIE SAFAROVA: She had a visor, I didn't.

Q. I mean in the past.
LUCIE SAFAROVA: No, it's obviously you want to be a little different, not exactly same as your opponent, but it is what it is. The Nike collection is same for more people, so it happens.

Usually with some players we have couple options, usually. So with some players we talk, like, are you wearing that or this so we are not exactly the same.

Now we don't really have options, so it just happens that you play the same.

Q. Can that be awkward if that happens?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: I mean, once you're on the court, you don't care really.

Q. We have a bit unusual tournament this year because two big stars are missing, Federer and Sharapova for different reasons. But if a player of this caliber, winners of the Grand Slam tournament, are missing, are they missed? I mean, does it feel like, yes, it's unusual, wish they were here?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, obviously those are big players, big stars. Of course they are missed. But I think that there are these days many great players, and the tournament has still amazing quality.

So of course we miss them, but I think it's still pretty strong tournament.

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