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May 23, 2016

Myrtille Georges

Paris, France


6-7, 6-0, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. First of all, congratulations. How do you feel winning your first Grand Slam match today?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Hello. Well, of course I'm really happy with my match. It's a huge satisfaction, because you try to work all year long to hang in there in difficult times, and today is just a happy moment experiencing this and experiencing it in this way.

Q. How did you manage the rain, the fact that the match was postponed?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: We don't really have a choice. We just need to be patient. Of course, the stress builds up. I was scheduled for Sunday. You have an extra night to manage, to handle all of these emotions, but I just tried to prepare myself as best as I could, and things went pretty well.

Q. How does it feel to be in a Grand Slam tournament after Grenoble this year?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Well, obviously it's not the same thing. It's not the same players. It's really different.

But then again, I'm in the circuit every day. Today is just a happy moment, and I know that after Roland Garros I'm going to be back in those smaller tournaments. I'm going to need to work hard. I'm just enjoying the moment.

Q. How did you feel about the two set balls that you missed? Was it easy for you to get back in there?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Yes, I was disappointed. I won't lie about it. But I also noticed that at the end of the tiebreak, she also looked like she had a lot of stress. So I thought, relax. She's the one who's going to lose. You've got these set balls. You're not so far from the end.

So I tried to forget those two balls very quickly.

Q. Muguruza in the next round. Probably a very big court. What do you expect?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Yes, it probably is going to be a pretty big court. That will be a whole different experience. But then, again, I have nothing to lose. I will just give my best. I have some more time for preparation. I'm enjoying today's match. Then I'll move on to preparing the next one. I'll try to play my best tennis and enjoy myself.

Q. There are a lot of people who are going to discover your face with this victory in the next match. Could you introduce yourself? Tell us who you are, how you train, apart that you're from Granville in Normandy, I don't know much about you.
MYRTILLE GEORGES: I'm 25. I'm originally from Granville. I moved to the Paris area when I was 17 for tennis. I train in a private school. I have had the same coach since the age of 11, Yves Rodet. His daughter is called Charlotte, but his daughter is not Charlotte Rodier. His name is Rodet. So I also have a training coach.

I'm sort of out of the system, but apart from that...

Q. You were saying that you were going to go back to smaller tournaments. I suppose the objective is to stop doing that after a while. When you've touched the Grand Slam you don't necessarily want to go to these smaller tournaments.
MYRTILLE GEORGES: There is not the 10,000s. Sometimes there is the 50s or even the 100s, but they are not WTAs. I'm going to try to do more, of course, after Roland Garros. But I know that in any case, I'm going to need to go back. There are even top 100 players who are in there. You just need to stay focused on your tennis and not start feeling arrogant just because you have done a round in a Grand Slam tournament. You need to work.

Q. A second round at the French Open is 60,000 Euros. What does that feel like for the season?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Financially, it's a huge help to continue with the season, to travel further out.

It was at some times complicated to travel. Now I think that's going to give me a bit of a breather and allow me to focus on my tennis and to try to have the best possible schedule.

Q. Before this match, this was your first French Open. What idea did you think of your capacities against a top 100 player or major tournaments? Did you have any indication, training, various other games where you reached that sort of level?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: I haven't played many top 100 girls. I have played against girls who then did eventually reach the top 100. In terms of indicators, I have a couple of games.

I often played against Pauline Parmentier. I think she's a pretty good indicator.

But basically I try to focus on my tennis and think that the other girl may be top 100, but she has two arms and two legs, and everything's going to happen on the court.

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