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May 23, 2016

Adrian Mannarino

Paris, France

A. MANNARINO/M. Kukushkin

6-4, 2-6, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Tell us about the match. What was it like, especially the first three sets?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: It was a bit awkward. I don't really like the game conditions like this. Clay is heavy, windy. It was awkward. I didn't start well at all, the match. I missed a lot of good occasions then. He had the break. Then was able to come back. I had some opportunities to take the lead, and then I didn't catch them. Then he did.

So I would say it was a match with a lot of ups and downs. But again, I guess the conditions were perfect for him. It was, again, the conditions were tough.

Physically, it's quite engaged. I think most matches will be like this with breaks and breaks again, and unexpected scenarios.

Q. You beat him three times out of a total of three matches. Did you remember any of these previous matches?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I do. A few things came back to me. But these matches were a while ago. So it's a little difficult to actually use them.

I'm obviously a favorite against him, especially being in Paris I can't lose, which, of course, puts more pressure on me. I think I was able to manage the pressure okay today.

Plus playing here in France, I suppose, helped me somewhat. I had a few downs, and the public cheered me up, supported me throughout the entire match. That was quite positive.

Q. Some of the French players, most of them, don't really like to play Raonic. How about you?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: It will be the first time. He's a great player. Honestly, I would not have preferred a top-10 player in the second round, but when you're not a top seed, that's part of the rules. That's how it is. It will be a very complicated match, I know.

When you're an outsider like I am, you know, you just take things the way they come. Again, I know the public will be supporting me, and I hope it will be a pleasant match.

Q. What is your approach when you play a player who is such a great server?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: It's a pain in the butt. It always is. You know there will be a lot of aces. You know that it will be very difficult to adjust your game play. It's really important to stay focused, especially at important moments of the match, and I think you have to keep up your -- you have to stay focused. Stay focused throughout the match.

I think we can play a good match. I guess it's up to me to decide, and if I don't, it could be very painful for me.

So again, I'll have to do the job the best I can.

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