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May 24, 2016

Tessah Andrianjafitrimo

Paris, France

Q. WANG/T. Andrianjafitrimo
6-0, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. (Off microphone.)
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: Frankly, I did not expect such a match. I mean, I was defeated 6-Love, 6-Love, a double bagel. It hurts. I mean, since I started tennis, I have never experienced such a situation. It does hurt a lot.

Q. This morning, how were you? Uptight? Tense? How would you describe the situation? Why did you lose that way?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: I mean, I talked about it with my coach. It's a matter of preparation. Maybe I didn't prepare well the French Open.

So basically I'm reaping the bad fruit that I have sowed.

Q. What do you mean by that?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: Regarding my preparation for the French Open, I haven't done a good job. Totally different to the other tournaments.

I didn't prepare well, so I paid the price. There was nothing today, nothing today on court.

Q. What was the difference in terms of your preparation for the French Open?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: There's a difference when you prepare the French Open. I didn't listen to my coach a lot. I wanted to be on my own, but I have lots of things to learn. I'm still a young player, and I wanted to behave as an adult would behave.

Q. What do you mean by that? You haven't practiced well?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: I did practice, but I didn't pay heed to the advice of my coach. That's all.

Q. Tactical advice?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: Yes, tactical, mental, psychological advice. But of course, when I practice I tried to give my best, and even today during the match I tried to give my best, but it was not clear in my head.

Q. Was it your game plan that was not clear, or what was the reason?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: My game plan wasn't clear in my head.

Q. Is it the first time you have met such a player? In Saint-Gaudens defeated Kovinic last year, so you think that you didn't approach the match well?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: Yes, exactly. I didn't prepare well before the match. Past two weeks I haven't prepared the way I should have.

Q. Regrets?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: Yes, lots of regrets, that's for sure.

Q. What have you learned today?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: I have learned that I should stick to my routine. I should listen to my coach, even more today, and I should be more disciplined for the days to come and for the rest of my career if I want to make headway tennis-wise.

Q. Will you be in the juniors tournament, girls tournament? Any different approach versus last year?
TESSAH ANDRIANJAFITRIMO: I will have a different approach to that for the main draw. I can be among the favorites in the juniors tournament. I can win the tournament, I think.

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