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May 24, 2016

Julien Benneteau

Paris, France

L. POUILLE/J. Benneteau

6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. I suppose you have some regrets with the very last set?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: Yes, even during the third one. You know, between these two sets, well, I should have won one, and we had to reach the fifth one. I had opportunities. I tried to, but I couldn't manage. I didn't succeed at certain moments because, you know, well, during the third set he served really well or he played well at these very moments.

And also, it's a question of silly mistakes or opportunities that I missed at these very moments. These things are missing. You know, I miss three or four wins to better play these key moments. You know, with three more wins under my belt I think we could have gone to the fifth set today.

Q. Seeing what you've done, I think that recently you have not reached your best level. Look at the general level of the game. It's a good indication for the future.
JULIEN BENNETEAU: Yeah, I think so. I think that I can play four sets at that level against Lucas, he's in the top 30. He's not stolen this ranking. He really plays and this shows that I'm competitive again at a high level.

If I continue like this, if I manage to have several matches played at that level, if I'm not stopped on the way, then there will be better things in the near future for me.

Q. What's your objective for singles? You know, look at your rankings.
JULIEN BENNETEAU: Yeah, my rankings. Yeah, I'm lagging behind, that's true. My objective is that before the end of the season I want to go as high as I can. At least one singles match at the end of the season.

Q. He's the new French player who is up. What would you say about Lucas on the court?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: Well, his attitude, his behavior is perfect. For a young player, that really is something that's rare. It's much more than his tennis skills and physical skills. It's because he can do this daily in the daily practice and also when he plays matches he saves moments and situations. He wins matches. He's a very good tennis player.

And then I think he's really improved physically, thanks to his new fitness coach or trainer. They are doing a good job together. And also his serves have improved.

He's changed his serve. This winter technically speaking -- I think he's 21 -- no, 22. He can do this. He's only 22. He serves really well. He's done that, changed his serve.

And then, apart from that, when he plays, he has very strong, powerful shots, both sides, good pace, and then what matters, it's how long the match will be. This is what I did during the third one and fourth set.

But he is taking all opportunities. Look at his behavior, his investment, commitment at all levels, to be where he is and to be even higher than that.

Q. Did you think he would break down or something like this?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: No. I didn't expect this. I know he's like that. He's been like that for a long while. He doesn't say anything. Doesn't show anything.

We feel that sometimes that's true, he's a bit nervous, but that's normal. And I feel it, because I have experience, you see. But, you know, when he plays against other players who are less experienced, maybe these guys don't feel the way I feel him.

That's his thing. And on the court or during the match, rather, he tries not to show things, as little as he can. He's always thinking about the fight, the struggle. Doesn't show anything. Sometimes -- well, you know, these signs of weakness or -- he doesn't show them. It's not in his behavior. It's in his game that you can read these signs of being nervous.

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