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May 24, 2016

Varvara Lepchenko

Paris, France

E. MAKAROVA/V. Lepchenko

5-7, 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you?

Q. Tough defeat. I want to ask you something off topic about your time away. A bunch of us have heard that you had a positive test for Meldonium and it was a very low amount. I think it's been resolved now. Can you please confirm that for us and talk about it?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: At moment I have no comment on any of this. I'm here just to answer tennis questions. If you have any questions about my match, I would gladly answer them.

But otherwise, I just have no comments.

Q. The last question I would ask then is would you say that's not true, that that did not happen?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: Again, I just -- like I said, I have no comments.

Q. One more on this. When you say at this point, does that mean you will be saying something in the future about it?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: I'm here to answer questions about my match. If you guys have any questions about my match, I'm gladly to answer them.

Q. During your match was it a distraction having these things being said about you by Anatoly Glebov, and were you more affected by them being true or not true during your match?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: You know, I was just focusing on my game. I don't really think about anything else.

Q. Was what he said true? Are you going to deny the reports out there in the media now?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: Like I said, I have no comments. If you have a question about my match, go on.

Q. This is going to be an issue in upcoming matches or tournaments. It's going to keep hanging over you. Just wondering if you plan on running from this or if you will address it at some point more head on?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: I have no comments. If you can ask me...

Q. And you will never have comments?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: Again, I have no comments on your questions. If you have a question about my match, you can ask me.

At this moment, I have no comments.

THE MODERATOR: I think the feelings of the player are pretty clear. Any further questions?

Q. Was it tough playing with the darkness yesterday?

Q. Because you were the last one on.

Q. Did you want to stop?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: Yes, I did, but they kept saying that I have to keep on going, so...

Q. What is your schedule for the next couple of months?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: I'm planning on playing -- we'll see how it goes here with doubles, and then I'm planning on going to s'Hertogenbosch, Eastbourne, Birmingham, and Wimbledon.

Q. You're stuck in a situation where there are reports out there and you can't say anything. Do you feel like that's unfair where no one can confirm or deny anything and you're in a limbo here?
VARVARA LEPCHENKO: Again, I'm sorry, but I have no comments. Sorry.

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