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May 24, 2016

Quentin Halys

Paris, France

Q. HALYS/H. Chung
6-1, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Maybe you have a few words about today's match. Was it a bit easier than you would've expected?
QUENTIN HALYS: It was not easy. I played just very good. I know he was not the best player on clay for sure. Today I played very good, and I'm very happy the way I played.

Q. You're part of the ATP Next Generation campaign. Borna recently told me this is kind of a motivation for him. How do you deal with it?
QUENTIN HALYS: Yeah, for sure it was great to play against Chung today, and also to have some guys who are better than us. Of course it's something great to have the next generation on the ATP. Yeah, it's a good motivation.

Q. Any goals for this season? Particular goals?
QUENTIN HALYS: No, there is no goals, I mean, on the ranking, but just to continue to play matches like today.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about how you approached this match and how was it?
QUENTIN HALYS: A lot of pressure. We're at Roland Garros. You want to do well. Roland Garros has always been very special; however, during the match I felt good immediately, was able to hit hard right away, and the match went more or less the way I wanted it.

I did not let him impose upon me; I think I imposed my game. I'm very satisfied.

Q. Now moving on to the second round, you've been pretty consistent. Why do you think things are working out well for you?
QUENTIN HALYS: I'm working hard every day and it pays off. I didn't expect to play that well on clay so quickly, but I'm working hard. I intend to continue. Regardless of the results, I'm going to continue the hard work. It's really important.

Q. I guess more explicitly, is there anything in the past nine, ten months that changed in your game and you as a person?
QUENTIN HALYS: I think I've made a big improvement mentally. I'm stronger and I think it influences my game.

Q. How much pressure is there when people say that you could become the future No. 1 French player?
QUENTIN HALYS: Right now I don't really think about that. All I want is to potentially win the next match. I hear these things of course, but I pay no attention.

Q. Is it an objective for you?
QUENTIN HALYS: Of course, but there are so many good players in France. Becoming No. 1 in France, I can't just say this is going to happen. It would be ridiculous. There are so many other things I need to do. It's still very far.

Q. There are a lot of players right now, but it may not be the case four or five years from now?
QUENTIN HALYS: Well, I hope for the French there will be more players then. Right now I don't want to be bigger than what I am.

Q. Playing Djokovic in Melbourne, did that help you? Do you think it's a key match and you can learn?
QUENTIN HALYS: Well, I was able to see that for 45 minutes to an hour I was really able to play hard with him. That motivated me to get back and work harder and play better in the next matches. I think it was a beneficial match for me.

Q. You had Nadal first round last year. When you saw the draw this year, what was your reaction?
QUENTIN HALYS: Well, when you're the 150th player you're likely to play the better players. I wanted to play and show that I was confident. I knew I could play great tennis. That's exactly what I did today.

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