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May 24, 2016

Oceane Dodin

Paris, France


6-0, 5-7, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. What was the missing link here today, especially the first set? You came back in the second set. You produced a superb performance in the second set. So what's the missing link? I think you might be disappointed, because the second set you went up too far.
OCEANE DODIN: I won't talk about the first set.

The second set I served better, more aces. My first serve was good the second set, so I managed to dictate play with lots of winners in the first set. Had some opportunities especially in the first game. Then I was broken 2-1. She was a break ahead. Had some break point opportunities at 4-2, but I didn't seize them.

And in the third set I didn't serve well, especially my first serve. She attacked me on the second serve. It's not easy to dictate play when you serve poorly.

Q. How do you feel after this match?
OCEANE DODIN: Disappointed, of course. At the end of the day, I'm not too far. She served better than I did in the crucial moments. She was quite consistent with her serve. That was not the case for me. I had a streaky serve today.

That was the missing link. So I'm frustrated. I won the second set 7-5. I went too far, and I lost 6-2 -- 6-3. 6-2, 6-3, I can't remember, because of my serve.

If I had served better with more consistency I would have won the match.

Q. What happened in the first set? You didn't want to talk about it, but what happened?
OCEANE DODIN: I was jittery, nervous. It was a match on a big court. I was not impressed, but I couldn't fire off my shots. So 6-Love, that's it.

But I was motivated after losing the first set 6-Love, so I decided to bounce back in the second set, but I was jittery.

Q. You have a risky game, haven't you?
OCEANE DODIN: Yes, true. But it's a big court. As I told you, I was slightly uptight. When you're uptight, you cannot hit your shots, so you make some mistakes.

But when I stepped on court, I didn't feel relaxed. So I was tense in the first set, and in the second set it was better. I felt more relaxed.

Q. Four Grand Slam tournaments. This second set could be a sort of reference. You were not far. You had some problems with your serve. What about the second set? Are you going to build on that second set?
OCEANE DODIN: Yes. I will build on that second set. So it's a good experience for me, by the way. So this will help me in the future. It's a sort of lesson that I have been taught. When I can serve well, when I can set up my game, I'm not far from the best players.

But when I'm uptight, when my serve is bad, I'm far from these players. So I will draw the lessons from that loss. I will be more relaxed. I hope that next time I won't be defeated in the first set with a 6-Love score.

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