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May 24, 2016

Kenny De Schepper

Paris, France

F. BAGNIS/K. De Schepper

6-0, 6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Hi. How do you analyze the match? My impression was that he was playing the baseline and he was really dominating and you were struggling. He was on top of everything.
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: Yes. He was very aggressive. The fact is I've been sick for two days and therefore quite diminished. I've been taking stuff, but I've really done my best.

The beginning of the match was complicated. He played very rapidly. Because I was physically diminished, he was able to take the lead. The more progress we made in the match I sort of warmed up to him. I was able to find my pace, but it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to do better.

Q. You had some food. I saw you were nibbling on a sandwich. I guess you were just trying to eat, right?
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: I was. The fact is since Sunday I've had a hard time eating at all. Wasn't really hungry, so I did what I could to get some food. It was a bit special.

This being said, I'm quite happy. I made it through the qualifications. Of course, I mean, this is not a happy end, but I think all in all, the match was positive. I had good qualifications. It was a positive match. I was able to play all the balls and I really did my very, very best. This is it.

Q. Is it a cold? What is it?
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: For two nights I've been sweating, had fever, stuffed nose. Yeah, that's it. I was able to play, but my game was not at the top.

Q. Was this a very different match from 2011 when you played him in qualifications? Would you say that match helped you or was it completely different? You made a lot of progress since.
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: Don't think that 2011 match served me that much. Back then we both played quite different. We were not as strong as we are today. Since then I've been seeing him on and off in different tournaments. I played him on clay back in April. He's a solid player.

When you give him the advantage, he can be very powerful.

Q. But the carrot was Nadal in the second round. I guess you feel sorry not being able to play him.
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: Yes, yes, it would've been an interesting match. But then again, given my current condition, I don't think I would've enjoyed playing him. I think it's better if Bagnis plays him.

I don't know if I'll feel any better in two days, but I was shivering, shaking, at the end of the match. Right now I don't feel well at all.

Q. You said that Bagnis was a bit tense. Do you think he wanted to finish the match in three sets? Did you have any regrets at the end of the third set?
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: He was a bit nervous. You know, the first he got a bit upset because the crowd was making noise. I was really trying to focus on the match. He was talking. He could feel he wasn't at ease, but at the end he was happy that he won.

At the tiebreak I just didn't have the juice. I was able to keep my serve, but what was missing was that little boost at the end. He managed each point very well.

Q. What is your program going forward?
KENNY DE SCHEPPER: I'm going to play doubles with Maxime Teixeira, and we'll see the results.

After that I'm going to play on grass. I think I'm going to play one or two challengers before the Wimbledon qualifications. I'm going to do Surbiton Challenger and maybe next Tuesday the Manchester. Again, depending on my health.

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