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May 25, 2016

Jeremy Chardy

Paris, France

J. CHARDY/A. Pavlasek

6-4, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. You were in control. No break points to save. Tell us about the match.
JEREMY CHARDY: I started very well, and I was able to stay focused and aggressive throughout. I think I played a solid match. My energy never went down. That's really what I wanted. That's important.

So it's all quite positive.

Q. Tell us a little bit about court No. 6. How does it feel? Is it pleasant playing on court No. 6? How does it compare to a large court?
JEREMY CHARDY: It's actually the first time I have played on court No. 6. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know where it was. (Laughter.)

I didn't know my opponent. I didn't know the court. But, you know, it's more the size of a training court. So I guess it's -- it felt familiar.

It's not true the other way around. When you play on the central court, you're like, wow, everything is much bigger. Then when you're back on a smaller court, it looks really small, all of a sudden.

So playing court 6 makes no difference. It's just a normal court.

Q. How about having the public very close? On court No. 6, it's really close. The people are very close.
JEREMY CHARDY: It doesn't bother me. The same thing is true on Court No. 1. I mean, when you turn around, people are right behind you. It doesn't bother me. I actually quite like that. I know they like it.

I know that when I watch, you know, football or rugby, I like to be close. You know, the closer, the better. I think it's good for the public. You're really part of the game.

And I think in terms of atmosphere, it's probably better, too. And court No. 6 are the people who had no seats on the bigger court.

Q. First two rounds, so far so good, pretty easy? Would you say now is when the tournament starts?
JEREMY CHARDY: No, I'm just going to continue. I feel good. I don't think I wasted too much energy. I did two good first rounds with two good matches.

Playing Stan will be a rough one. I know this. He's a great player. He plays well on all surfaces, including, of course, clay.

The good thing is, once again, I haven't wasted too much energy. I have played well since the beginning of the tournament. Hopefully, I can continue. You know, I'll play my very best.

Q. When there are big events like the French Open, Davis Cup, when you arrived last year at Roland Garros, you didn't have many wins before, and you did very well. Why is that?
JEREMY CHARDY: I love Roland Garros. I love playing on clay. It certainly is one of my big objectives, you know, Grand Slams, the Masters. I really do my very best. I prepare very well to be in top shape when I show up. And when things go well, it's good.

I'm very happy I was able to win matches this year and every year, and hopefully it can continue.

Q. The fact you're going to be playing Wawrinka, how are you going to approach that match?
JEREMY CHARDY: He's seeded better than I am. He's the favorite.

But I'm going to, you know, get on the court, hopefully very confident. I'm not going to think about whether it's Wawrinka, if he's stronger. I'm just going to prepare the match the same way I prepare my other matches, and I'll, you know, try to work my tactics, and I won't think too much about him.

Q. You said the reason why you're doing well on some big tournaments, is it maybe also because you're playing in front of your relatives, people you're close to?
JEREMY CHARDY: Probably. Probably. The French Open is my all-time favorite. You know, I play in front of my public, my relatives, my friends. And all this put together, you know, explains why I really like to win.

Every single match I win here has a special flavor. It's quite different from other tournaments.

There is a lot of happiness. I can't really explain, but when I play here, everything is just different. So it's this little bonus that really makes me happy.

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