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May 25, 2016

Yanina Wickmayer

Paris, France

Y. WICKMAYER/E. Makarova

2-6, 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Congratulations.

Q. Can you tell us what your emotions are?
YANINA WICKMAYER: I'm very happy, that's for sure. This was not an easy match. Then again, I knew that from the start. She started really very aggressively, strongly, and I think that I started the match, you know, like waiting for what she would do. I thought I focused too much on her and not enough on my game.

I tried to fight back during the first set. Even though I won only two games, those were very important games to show her I was not willing to lose in two easy sets. I was here to fight.

In the second set I wanted to be more aggressive and play my game and to wait less for the shots she would go for. So I gained confidence. I won the first game in the second set, and then from that moment onward I started believing in my chances.

I played a very good match.

Q. She took a long, long pause after the second set. That was probably a challenge for you to stay focused in in the match.
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, that's true. It was a challenge to keep my focus, but also I felt that mentally she was not really sure of herself. She left for 15 minutes, and that's good for me. I had more information about what she was feeling. She was not feeling good. She needed time, time to try and destabilize me. This was something positive for me at the end of the day. That's how I took it.

I took this moment for myself after the set to breathe a little, and then I wanted to keep moving. I wanted to say positive things to myself to start the third set well.

Q. The third set for you was like being in a dream. You played so well. All the winners everywhere. Very aggressive.
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, I knew that I started playing aggressively. I knew I would be trying to win the match. She wouldn't give it to me, would she? I had to fight for it.

At the beginning it was still a bit tough. The first four games were difficult. Then during the serves, returns, I wanted to put more pressure on her. I felt she was not sure of herself. She was trying to fight back but she was moving backwards, not forward to hit the ball.

So I seized this opportunity.

Q. Contrary to your opponent who got a warning for coaching reasons, for you, paradoxically we were waiting for you between the second and third set. Afterwards you got a warning because you were too long. A time warning. You managed to keep your focus. That didn't bother you, did it? This really impressed me today. You kept your focus.
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, I knew it could happen to me. I know that I like taking enough time before I serve. During a Grand Slam I know it's less time than you have during WTA matches.

It could happen to me, so I paid attention to this. I wanted to take less time and yet keep my focus. These things might happen, you know, and then when we discuss with the referees and the umpires, nothing changes afterwards.

Didn't really think about all this before.

Q. I think you have never won a match on clay here before, and now you are going through to the third round. How do you explain this?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, that's good. I won the Fed Cup matches and then here as well. During these two very important weeks I've played very well. I am very happy about my level of game; I am happy about my mentality and my behavior on the court.

So that's really what's very important. This week of practice is paying off now. This is good. It's very positive, of course.

Q. Next match is Muguruza, No.4 in the world. What would you say about this match? Nothing to lose? Going to give your best tennis, just like today?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, yeah. It's the same. Today I didn't have anything to lose, so this time, a few notches, a few levels up. I've never played her before. It's going to be a first for me. In the recent years she's shown she's really at the top and that she's a champion. She is still young and has already a lot of experience.

To me nothing will change really. I have to keep my focus and be well-concentrated. I have to perhaps enjoy this win today, and tomorrow we're going to start again.

During the match I will have to fight back and we'll see.

Q. You talked about attitude and behavior. What are you really satisfied with in your game?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, I think I play well or fair or in a balanced way. I don't make mistakes that are, you know, silly mistakes, many mistakes.

No, I make the right choices. I am aggressive when I can be aggressive, I take risks when I know I can, but I keep calm when I can't do anything. I keep calm and I return in the court.

It's different from what I would do several years ago. I play in a just way, a more correct way. It's a good thing to see this pays off.

Q. Well, this is a win for you that you'll build on, I suppose. What will you do this evening? Restaurant with friends?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yes, of course. We're in Paris. Friends are going to come. We're going to enjoy it and spend a lovely time together. When you're abroad you're always with the same people, so it's a good thing to do that, to have friends with you.

This evening we'll go to the restaurant and tomorrow we'll practice and back to work.

Q. Will you drink just one glass of wine?
YANINA WICKMAYER: I don't like drinking wine, so for me, no, no, no.

Q. What will you have? Cocktails?
YANINA WICKMAYER: I don't drink very often. I don't really like drinking. During the tournament I never drink. At home a gin tonic sometimes, or Amaretto. That's okay. But I don't drink wine or champagne.

I have not learned yet. People tell me it comes with age. We'll see.

Q. Question about Muguruza again. So that this becomes a big surprise, what's the key so that you win?
YANINA WICKMAYER: I don't know. I've never played her. Tactics, I'll have to define my tactics with my coach. Otherwise what's very important for me is attitude. You know, she's always fighting back for each point and not going to give any point to me.

I'll fight and be present on the court. It's a question of mentality. My mentality has to be that of a warrior from to the word "go." Maybe she'll be stronger when the match starts, but I'll try and show that I'm not just here because I have to be here.

Therefore, I will try and play my best and believe in myself.

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