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May 25, 2016

Richard Gasquet

Paris, France

R. GASQUET/B. Fratangelo

6-1, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. You looked very strong out there. I think since I saw you at the Wimbledon last year, it seems like you keep getting stronger and stronger. How do you feel?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I'm feeling good. Of course I did a good year last year, so I'm feeling confident. Of course we will see.

It's always a pleasure for me to play here in Paris. I hope I can play well. We will see in the next round, best players are coming now, so I hope I can win.

Q. How do you, as a French player, playing in front of a French crowd?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, it's always incredible, you know, because they really know tennis here. They like it. They cheer for French player. Every year is the same. Last year, this year, I remember on this court against Wawrinka, it was crazy. It's always incredible for me to play here. That's why I really want to play well.

Q. Some of the young players coming up, there has been some talk about there is a lot of money in French tennis, and maybe some of the things that make them too comfortable that they don't quite achieve a rank that their talent, equal to the talent that they have. What do you think of that?
RICHARD GASQUET: Me, I think we are in the top 10, four players like Gilles, me, Tsonga, and Monfils. I think we are not enough good to go in the top 5, to win a Grand Slam. Now, of course, it's not finished, I think we did our best. Even if the Federation help us at the start of our careers, but, you know, we have a good mentality.

I think if player, French player are not coming, they are not good enough. That's why not a cause of the Federation.

Q. And the younger players?
RICHARD GASQUET: You need to be strong. You need to have good mentality to play tennis. Sometimes aren't good one, but that's why, you know.

But I think those guys I told you, we did our best and we are French. And the Federation help us a lot when we started.

Q. And you do great. Thank you.

Q. Obviously you're playing another young player from a different country, Nick Kyrgios. What do you think of him, his behavior, maybe? What do you expect?
RICHARD GASQUET: I expect a very tough match, because he played very good. I think he did, he won in Marseilles, he won in Miami, went in semifinals, and same in Rome and Madrid. He did both quarterfinals. I know it's good result. He won many good matches.

He's the best newcomer coming now, so it will be an incredible match for me. We know each other very well. We have played many times against each other. I know his game; he knows mine. Of course, I know how tough it is to play against him and to play against this guy.

I like to play against him. He's nice guy. I always did win matches against Nick, so I hope this one will be the same.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. You have a nice story in common with Nick. He said he was very much looking forward to playing you. Is it the same thing for you?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, it's quite incredible. We have played each other many times. He's been in the circuit, on the tour for two, three years now. I think I'm probably the player he's played the most, which is quite surprising. It's funny how we keep playing each other. And every time we play, the matches are pretty crazy. In Wimbledon, the two matches were crazy, and I hope it will be the same. Hopefully I'll win.

But each time the matches against him are very surprising. He's made some progress this year. He's stronger than last year. He's won some big matches, recently in Miami and he's been in the Masters, as well. He's done great things. He's a great player.

It will be a tough match. We are at Roland Garros, five sets, I think I could win.

Q. Who's the favorite?
RICHARD GASQUET: I think I don't know. I think it's open at this point. It will be a difficult game for both players.

Q. Nick sometimes gets a bit upset. He talks to the umpires. Is that something that you find disturbing?
RICHARD GASQUET: No. He has a very strong personality. That's great. It's good to have players like him. Outside of the court he's very respectful. He's a guy I like very much. Every time I've played him things went very well. I think we are all quite lucky to have a guy like him on the tour.

Q. A question from your fans, especially women who ask this question time and again: Do you have someone in your life? If not, are you looking for someone?
RICHARD GASQUET: I was prepared for a lot of things, but not for that (laughter). That question I was not expecting.

None of the above. Right now in the middle of Roland Garros, if there is really one thing I don't want to think of, it's that. I have so much more to think of. So I'm just going to do that.

Right now my objective is to defeat Kyrgios. The other things are less important.

Q. Pragmatically, how do you feel about today's match?
RICHARD GASQUET: I started off very well. I made a few mistakes. He got a break. One set all at one point. That's a bit painful. Then when I picked up the next set, I knew I was in good shape. But it could have gone differently. During the second set, at one point I had a bit of a downer, but, you know, I'm in good shape physically. I'm really good. I knew I had, you know, all my resources that were mobilized. That's really important.

The next matches will be even bigger matches.

Q. Was it important not to spend too much energy today?
RICHARD GASQUET: Winning matches in three sets is always good. It's much better than five sets. It's better to play a guy like Kyrgios, who is a big hitter, with a previous match and three sets. His serve is extremely powerful. You have to be in good shape to play a guy like him.

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