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May 25, 2016

Pierre-Hugues Herbert

Paris, France

A. ZVEREV/P. Herbert

5-7, 6-2, 7-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Can you tell us what you think about the singles match? It was very intense. From where I stand it was a question of details, I think.
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: Yeah, for sure. Before Roland Garros it was a bit strange or rather a bit suspect because I had a backache. When I arrived I had not played singles since Madrid. Not that long before, but two and a half or three weeks before.

Well, how can I say? He was back from Nice. He had played the finals in Nice; he had played singles the week before. Not me. Therefore, I didn't really know what to do on the court. He was at my throat immediately.

Then I improved. Four games down at the beginning the second set, this is when the match really started. Then after that, we played a good match, a good level.

Yesterday, you know, given the third set that we played, no, I couldn't. But today I believed in it. I thought I can reach the fifth set. Then he was so strong today. Tougher than I was and stronger than I was.

So I think I deserved the third one, but then, no, given the set I played, he played better than I did.

Q. In this case, even though you're used to playing singles and doubles, for you, this time you played one and then immediately the next one. What are you going to do afterwards?
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: It's always difficult to talk about singles after playing doubles because I do this all the time. I'm used to doing that. It's happened to me so many times to try and set a side my emotions even though I might be disappointed go and play doubles.

It's a good exercise, by the way, because then you take things with more relatively with more distance, I mean, and that gives you an objective. You'll not only think about the fact you're disappointed or it won't last too long.

But, you know, we got started with the doubles. We have a goal here, and we fared well with Nico on the first doubles match. So that's really good.

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