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May 25, 2016

Caroline Garcia

Paris, France


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Did you think that Strasbourg and right after Roland Garros was maybe too much?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry that I couldn't really play the way I wish I would have played. I was able to play a few balls, but most of the match I just wasn't there. Not enough. I wasn't able to hit the ball. I wanted to hit it, and, well, just not the right game.

I'm a little disappointed about what I delivered today. I think I could have done better.

Q. How do you explain this? Do you think there was maybe a little bit of tension maybe? Do you think you were mentally tired after Strasbourg?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I don't think so. She plays soft balls, so you can't really do much with it. So I had to generate all the energy in the balls, and sometimes because I wasn't hitting hard enough, the ball went out. I just couldn't control the ball.

But I enjoyed the court. I enjoyed Lenglen. I enjoyed the public.

I'm disappointed. I can play better. But it was a wonderful moment. It was very emotional. The public supporting me helped me coming back in the match when I thought it was over.

I think they believed more in me than I believed in myself.

Q. You just talked about the public. You have won two tournaments in France. How would you describe the French experience on a court?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I don't think I could describe it. I think playing tennis is the same everywhere. But you're right, I won a few tournaments in France. Last year my tournament was not good, and therefore, people said I was a player who didn't play well in France.

The fact is I like playing in France. I enjoy the French public. The French public today, for example, was very supportive. Even more than what I was expecting.

It is a real pleasure being at home here on the Lenglen court was a great experience.

Q. When you play Radwanska, oftentimes it's three sets. Her game fits you quite well. What is it that happened today? What was different today? Did she play differently?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I think it depends a lot on my performance. If it's a good match, if I play well, then it would have been tighter.

As I said, I couldn't really play the balls fully this time, which gave her more time to organize herself and play better. Previous games, previous matches I played against her, I played much better. Some were very close calls. They were all very close calls, as a matter of fact.

This time I just wasn't there. I wasn't good enough. I'm not sure she was, you know, that serene all the time, but I wasn't good enough.

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