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May 26, 2016

Ana Ivanovic

Paris, France


7-5, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Maybe it was a little bit tough first set, and then things got quite easy for you in the second set. Could you talk about the match.
ANA IVANOVIC: Well, I think the whole match was actually very tough and physical. Even the games I won, I felt like I had to work hard for it. She played really well. Got a lot of balls back and she was reading some of my shots well in the first set.

I tried to be aggressive and to come in. And sort of winning the first set gave me a little bit of confidence and a little bit of structure for the second set. But it was tough until the last, yeah, point.

Q. This is not to do with your match. This is a question from fans.

Q. Different fans for different players. We have some fans that have a question for you regarding Serbia's result at the Eurovision Song Contest. What do you think of the result 18th position? Do you follow and what do you think?
ANA IVANOVIC: Actually, I saw, and I thought our song was great, actually. I also liked Russian, but I thought Serbia did a much, much better position. I like the song a lot.

Q. You moved really well today, looking like you're really fit. Would you say that clay is probably one of your favorite surfaces?
ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, it's definitely my favorite surface. I worked a lot in the gym and on court in the last few months. Sort of I think the tension that I felt throughout my matches didn't allow me to move as free as I wanted to.

Today I really tried to embrace that, and just to move like I can, like I do in practice. That helped me, especially in a tough physical match like today. That helped me to win that first set, as well. And then a bit tough in the second. I was very pleased to see that on court today.

Q. It is your last tournament as a Miss, I think? You played very good in this tournament. Can you tell us something --

Q. About the wedding.

THE MODERATOR: Next question.

Q. So about your outfit, adidas outfit. It looks really good on you. Could you talk about that? How do you like that outfit?
ANA IVANOVIC: Thank you. I actually really like it. The cut is beautiful in the dress, and I think it looks very feminine. The design also supports my favorite club, Partizan.

But I really like. It was very comfortable to play in. It's different, and, yeah, I enjoy it, actually. I know the opinions are split, but I'm for (smiling).

Q. You hit 35 winners today. Most of those off the forehand side. Would you say when you're executing well on your forehand side it gives you that confidence throughout your whole game?
ANA IVANOVIC: It definitely does, and again, it's connected with the movement. When I'm in a good position, I feel I strike it much better. Today that was the case. And I knew I had to be aggressive and move well against her, also take time away from her, because she's great player. She moves well, so I really tried to step in and look for my forehand. I was very pleased it worked well.

Q. Talk about your opponents in the next round, possibly Svitolina, who is coached by Justine Henin, whom you played in the 2007 final. Can you recall a little bit the memory you played with her in the match and how do you think of the opponent, as well?
ANA IVANOVIC: To be honest, actually, I don't know who she played. I didn't even look through the next round. I played Svitolina last year here in quarterfinal. We always have tough matches. She's a good player, young player. I think in the future we're going to see a lot of her.

To have someone like Justine coaching her, it's great for her experience. I always had tough matches with Justine, enjoyed playing her, different kind of game she had. I think it's helping Elina a lot for her confidence, and against tough players and deeper in the tournaments. It's going to be tough match, for sure.

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