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May 26, 2016

Paul-Henri Mathieu

Paris, France


7-6, 6-5, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Was the first set really important when you get the first break at 4-5, or were you a little bit tired by the previous match?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: Obviously when you have such a long set, what happens in the first one, any opportunity is important to try and take the lead.

Then when you lose the first set it's a bit of a bummer. He won his games where he was serving more easily and I was finding it more difficult.

It was pretty close though. I missed a pretty easy volley at some point, and then it's just a question of a couple points.

Then when you lose the first set you know it's going to be tough because it's a real downer. He took me exactly down the road he wanted to. It was just what I did ten years ago. I used to exhaust the guys in the first two sets and then finish them off.

That's what he did to me.

Q. Did you still have deuce for the match?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: You don't really think about the deuce. You just try to stay in touch, to forget the score.

Then the second set there was another 5-5. Maybe I wasn't creative or responsive enough in the tiebreak. When you're facing that type of player it's unforgiving.

Although the road was still long and things would've been tough, maybe I could have pushed him a bit more. Then maybe he would have started to doubt, because at one point in the second he didn't play so well.

Then he just pushed me around any way he wanted.

Q. For the whole tournament from the physical point of view in terms of how you played it's pretty comforting how you played, isn't it?
PAUL-HENRI MATHIEU: Yes and no. After a first round with five sets it's difficult to face someone who is physically so powerful.

If I had someone who plays shorter matches maybe it would've been better for me. It's also frustrating because you can't use the game you would want to because you're limited. You reach your physical limitations. I always find it difficult to accept that.

It's already great to be here. If you look at everything I've been through, my operation, the mere fact I'm still here is a victory. Of course you always want more, but you need a certain degree of lucidity.

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