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May 26, 2016

Nicolas Mahut

Paris, France


6-3, 6-2, 1-0 [Ret.]

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. What about your knee? Do you know what you are suffering from?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Had an x-ray exam, and then afterwards, I will get an MRI. But I have a problem with my left knee.

So my knee is calcified, and from time to time my knee hurts. It's a bit of good news, because there's nothing with the tendon. But when it happens, at the start, had to stop for two weeks. It happened to me in Madrid for 48 hours.

And I felt this pain yesterday during the doubles match, during the match point. So we pulled out all the stops so that I could be ready today.

But it was not enough.

Q. What's the problem with your knee exactly?
NICOLAS MAHUT: So I had some injections into the tendon in order to fill the gap. There is some residue on the tendon. This is called calcification. Rigid residue on the tendon. And from time to time there is a friction effect, and then there's an inflammation.

It's quite painful, by the way. It can happen any time. There is no symptom, so it happened to me yesterday when I hit a smash. So my knee is healthy, but I'm not lucky, because it happened to me here at a French Open.

Q. Your thoughts about retiring for the doubles or for the singles?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Yesterday when I came back home I was pessimistic. I thought about retiring. As I told you, in Madrid I had this problem for 48 hours, so I could play my match in Madrid. And in the doubles match had nothing in Madrid.

So I hoped that this pain would disappear, so I took some inflammatory drugs, and in the first set I hit a smash at 3-2 and I felt some pain in my knee. It's like an electric shock.

So when I play from the baseline, I can't feel anything. But when I serve, it's quite painful.

Q. (off microphone.)
NICOLAS MAHUT: When I bend the knee too much, it's quite painful, but when I hit the ball from the baseline, I mean, I don't feel it very much.

I can't give an explanation. At 3-2 I knew that it would be complicated, but I think I could have produced a great match because the match was, start of the match was great.

Fitness-wise I knew that it would be a tough match. So I was able to set up my game in the first set. So I'm really disappointed. I think that I could have produced one of my best matches in the French Open. I might have lost, but I'm disappointed.

Q. Are you going to play the doubles match or not if the doctor tells you that it's not wise to do so?
NICOLAS MAHUT: This hasn't crossed my mind. I talked about it with Guy, so I think that we won't play tomorrow the doubles match, and we asked the organization to postpone the match to tomorrow. So in 48 hours it should be okay, like in Madrid.

So that's why I decided to retire early in the match. But this is the French Open, so you don't want to retire. I don't know if I'm going to play again here in the singles tournament, but I should have retired early in the match. But I don't think that I have aggravated my injury. In 48 hours' time, I hope it should be okay. We'll see this evening.

Q. What about the mixed doubles? Are you going to play the mixed doubles tournament?
NICOLAS MAHUT: It's complicated. If the mixed doubles match takes place tomorrow, I won't play it. If it's the day after tomorrow, we'll see.

But I need to wait, I mean, for the results of the test. If I were to make a choice, I mean, I will pick up the men's doubles match.

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