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May 27, 2016

Garbine Muguruza

Paris, France

G. MUGURUZA/Y. Wickmayer

6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. What can you say about your coach, Sam Sumyk? How is it different from your previous coach? Why did you decide to go on with him?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Well, I think Sam is a very professional coach. I mean, he's been in the top level for so many years. It's for a reason. I wanted to have someone that has that step, you know, to become a better player, that, you know, he knows what I have to improve to be in the top level.

I don't know. It's just experience that is very difficult to find in other people, because not all the coaches have been there, you know.

Q. I just want to ask about your preparations. I'm interested in hitting partners and what makes a good hitting partner. What are the important qualities?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Well, I think for hitting partner is good that he has a solid game, a person that is like a wall, you know. You're gonna hit hard and run and throw everything to him and he's gonna, you know, put it back and make you play.

I think basically this: Someone that also is going to improve your game, is going to make you feel good or sometimes bad, because it's necessary to make you improve.

But I think a solid game, it's the best.

Q. It's been a bit cold and rainy so far here in Paris. We might have sun within a few days. In which ways does it impact in the way you have to play and get ready, depending on the weather?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Well, today is a perfect day. I mean, your body is already kind of warm, because the first match I played, it was so cold, I had to run so much to get into, you know, that situation. So today everything is easy. You know, you go to warm up. Perfect sun. Then you go to the court, it's beautiful.

I don't know. It brings energy also to see that it's a nice day. If it's dark, you're like this (shrugging).

Q. You had a tough first round and last two rounds you have stepped it up. Do you look ahead or just keep looking at the next match?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Not at all. I just asked my coach before about, Who I playing now? He's, I think the winner of Kuznetsova and Pavlyuchenkova. Honestly, that's what we were thinking.

We just finished a match and now we are going to do everything we can to get ready for the next one.

I don't even know who I'm playing, I don't even know what side I am. So I don't care.

Q. Why did you choose to work with Sam Sumyk and what did he brings to you?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: I think Sam, like I said before, I was just looking for someone that knows how to deal with me, you know, and get me to the top level.

I think -- well, I felt like, hey, I think he's a person that can do it. Like I said before, he has experience of coaching top players and knowing, you know, what it takes to be there, all that pressure, all that -- you know, all this kind of stuff that for me that I'm trying to get there is good to know.

Q. Just looking at last year, you obviously -- this was a period of the season you got through to the Wimbledon final last year. How are your feelings coming in this year coming into the French Open compared to 12 months ago?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Well, I have a new mindset. I'm not thinking of what I did last year, because every time I come to a tournament, no one remembers. People remember who plays good last year, but no one cares. Let's see who is going to win this year, let's see who is playing well.

So I don't really think about what I did last year, what's coming, or what I did wrong. I'm here, you know, I'm very motivated. Hopefully I can reach last day and that's it.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish.

Q. I think that at Rome and then here you have had three consecutive wins. How do you do it? This court has brought you luck so far, right?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: The more matches you get to play, the more you realize that winning time and again is possible. And with that confidence, you can actually organize your game, your game play.

Winning matches is what I want, but of course from now on I'm just going to play things match by match.

Q. You got Chatrier twice, Lenglen once. That says something about your status.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: I don't know. I love Chatrier. I think it also depends on the ranking, it depends on a number of things.

But, yes, I love being treated well.

Q. You said I'm not really paying attention to who's next. Could be Kuznetsova or Pavlyuchenkova. There are a lot of -- I'm thinking about other players, Safarova, Halep, Stosur. Is there one player, someone you would not like to play?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: No. Honestly, no. Each player has her own strengths and quality. I guess I'll play any of them.

Q. I found out officially you live in Geneva; is that correct? Or is it still Barcelona?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: No, I live in Geneva. That is where I am based today.

Q. (off microphone.)
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: My family went there with me. It is a place where I can train. Sam's family lives there pretty much all the time. It's a good place to train.

Q. What do you like best in terms of weather conditions? When it's warm or different conditions?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. I like good weather. When it's today, it is just perfect.

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