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May 27, 2016

Yanina Wickmayer

Paris, France

G. MUGURUZA/Y. Wickmayer

6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. How do you feel? How do you feel after this loss this morning in singles?
YANINA WICKMAYER: I think I was playing against someone who played an excellent match. She was very strong, and I think I was trying to play the same game that she was playing.

I tried to be as aggressive as she was. I tried to really be in the court. It was a good example for me to follow her style. Today I think she did everything a bit better than I. This is where the difference was.

During this match I should have taken more opportunities, but I will learn a lot of things. This might help me in the future, but we are playing really fast so it's not easy for me to impose my shots and my game and to play aggressively. She was always ahead of me. It was not easy.

Anyway, I did everything. I tried everything. I tried to impose my game as much as I could. During the first set and even at the end of the first set I thought I was really near her. The score was perhaps more than it reflects.

But she's in the Top 5 in the world, so there is a reason for that. There is no reason for me to be too negative.

Q. Your coach was saying that during the first set maybe you had some opportunities that you could have seized to change the match.
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah. I told you that the first set was really close, even though it was 6-3. I think I had some opportunities; not many. But then she's so strong. You're not going to be given many opportunities.

I knew that there were one or two shots I should have tried, but I couldn't. She's one the best in the world, so she seized these opportunities. During the second set she was so strong, a lot stronger than I was. Maybe I could have won a few games, but I would never have won the second set. She was so strong. Much more than I was.

So I have to watch this match again and look at her and her style and learn from the match and see how I can improve things next time.

Q. You're talking about these details, little things that count. When you were 3-All, is that when you started changing your pace, rhythm? Then your balls were just off the court, but not by much, is that when you didn't dare and your arm was a bit more tense? Is it during those moments when it's really out but not much out?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah. There is this, but also you feel on the court. If you don't play deep enough, fast enough, you know immediately and it's the end of it.

In front of me there was a girl who was running for all the points, very aggressive, making almost like zero mistakes. From time to time, you know, when she plays she sometimes makes mistakes because she takes so many risks.

Today I think she played quite steadily, and there were perhaps one or two moments in the match when she made a few mistakes. But the rest of the match she was so solid.

I have to take risks. My balls were out, but just by a few millimeters. It's a pity. As you said, it's even more difficult to win games and even the match. I know I had to go for my shots. I shouldn't play balls that were too short or slow otherwise it would've been the end of me. I should have played these shots even more.

Then there are lessons to learn. I'll watch the match again so I can take things that are positive.

Q. What are your feelings as you leave the tournament?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Well, for the very first time I'm really waiting for next year to play on clay. (Laughter.) It's surprising, I know, but I feel I have very good sensations and feelings on clay. I've felt that this week. I've understood I'm not bad on clay. I can play well on clay.

This is something to remember next year when I start the clay season, to try with more confidence. After that I think I played good matches as well. I have learned so much. I will learn a lot as well from this match today.

I feel I'm on the right track. I'm doing good things. It's not yet paying off every single week, but little by little I'm back; little by little I'm playing my game.

So there are many positive things to remember.

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