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September 5, 1993

Gabriela Sabatini


Q. Gab, what turned it around for you?

GABRIELA SABATINI: I think I started to play a little bit different; started to come in a little bit more, tried to hit get more aggressive and I had the great success with that kind of game. Then I started to hit my backhand topspin a little bit more, too, which I wasn't doing at the beginning.

Q. Is that a tiring match for you?

GABRIELA SABATINI: You mean physically or mentally?

Q. Both. Either.

GABRIELA SABATINI: Physically, I feel very good. I mean, I wasn't tired really, you know, at the end. I think physically I am very fit and I have been feeling very good. Mentally, you know, it gives me a lot of confidence to win a match like this, you know, I really had to work very hard, but it is good -- I am really happy that I won and I feel good. It gives me a lot of things, also, satisfaction of winning and now I play Steffi.

Q. To follow that up, what do you imagine will go through your mind seeing Steffi on this court, can you let yourself think back and enjoy it or do you only focus on --

GABRIELA SABATINI: What is the question?

Q. To get on this court and see Steffi, can you even let yourself enjoy that memory or do you have to block it out right away to play? Will it help you to think of that?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Yeah, sure. I mean, that is my next opponent, so now I have to concentrate on that and, you know, have a good game and, you know, try to do my best. I am really looking forward to playing Steffi.

Q. Gaby, what do you see in Lindsay and what will she have to do to make that next step?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Well, she is very young. The way she plays is just unbelievable, I mean, the way she hits the ball. I have never seen anybody hitting the ball like that and so consistent, very consistent. She was not doing any errors and not too many balls got by her so it is hard to play her, to try to do your game, because she doesn't let you.

Q. Is there anything that you see that she still needs?

GABRIELA SABATINI: She still needs to move a little bit better and probably to do more things with those shots. Probably she has to come in a little bit more and you know, improve a little bit her volleying. She has a very good serve and she needs to like to finish the point. I mean, she can finish the point from the baseline but it will help a lot if she would come in a little bit more and move a little bit better, too.

Q. Second set, Gaby, when she was serving at 4-All and was up 40-Love at that point, were you worried at all? Came back and broke her that game, but before that, were you worried at all?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Yeah, I mean I was worried all the match, I think. You know, there wasn't any moment where I said, I mean, this match is going to be mine. Probably at the end when I was 5-2, but before that, I knew that anything could have happened.

Q. Did you think the net gods were with you tonight?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Oh, yeah. That helped a lot, yeah. Lucky on some very big points.

Q. She kept saving match points. Does that become frustrating for you?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Yeah. I mean, especially the way she was just hitting the ball. She seemed she had nothing to lose and she was just hitting the ball even harder and it was a little frustrating. I got a little bit nervous, too, at that moment, but she was really playing well.

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